100% Natural & Hand Rolled Incense Sticks

Our all Natural Incense Sticks helps you sanctify your mind amd surroundings and have a better well being.

Brahmas Ideology

With our mission to contribute towards having clean rivers in India, we collect and recycle discarded flowers from temples and markets to create our incense sticks.

We hand-roll 100% of our sticks and the evidence to that would be our minor inconsistencies in the thickness and length of our sticks. Lighting one up helps our Artisan communities' livelihoods.

We recycle temple and market flowers to make our incense, contributing to cleaner Indian rivers.

Our hand-rolled sticks may have minor variations, proof of artisan craftsmanship that supports livelihoods.

Natural Dried Flowers

We collect flowers from temples and markets and use them to create our incense sticks.
After gathering, flowers undergo a thorough cleansing to remove toxins and pesticides.
Next, they're sun-dried and ground into a fine powder, serving as raw material for crafting incense sticks.

We collect temple and market flowers, cleanse them of toxins, sun-dry, and grind them into fine powder for our incense sticks.

Essential Oils

The essential oils not only contribute to fragrance but also possess therapeutic properties that can influence your mood and well-being.
When the incense sticks are burned, the heat releases the aromatic compounds from the essential oils, creating a
pleasant and soothing scent in your surrounding environment.

Essential oils in our incense offer fragrance and therapeutic benefits. When burned, they release soothing scents that influence your well-being.

Natural Wood & Resin

Wood forms the core of our incense sticks, while resin enhances scent and burn time.
Essential oils are mixed with wood & resin, shaped into sticks,
and dried. When lit, this blend creates the fragrant smoke associated with our incense, which gives you inner peace.

Our incense sticks combine wood, resin, and essential oils for a fragrant, peaceful experience when lit.

The Process

Create a Symphony of Aromas in Your Space with Our Unique Incense.

Elevate Your Space with Our Unique Incense Symphony

Our incense sticks are crafted to sanctify your surroundings & embrace a healthy state of mind. We deeply believe in giving back to the community.

That is why we have handpicked ingredients and blended them into distinct aromas, all to enhance your environment.

Crafting incense to sanctify your space and nurture a healthy mindset, while giving back to the community.

We handpick and blended ingredients for distinct aromas, all to elevate your environment.

ONE More Truth

We value our products' true nature.

There might be minor discrepancies in the shape and size of our sticks. These inconsistencies occur as there are many different women artisans hand-rolling them and they do not have the same shape or size of their palms.

Also, our scents are more subtle than some popular brands. This is because we skip artificial fragrance enhancers and the recycled flower powder we use tempers the essential oil fragrance.

Our fragrances meet safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association. They're safe for adults, kids, and pets to breathe in.

Minor shape and size variations in our sticks are a result of diverse women artisans hand-rolling them, each with unique palm shapes.

Our scents are a little subtle due to the absence of artificial enhancers and the natural balance from recycled flower powder.

Our fragrances meet International Fragrance Association safety standards, safe for everyone, including adults, kids, and pets.

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