Our Truth

A moment of realisation

In the year 2020, we had a moment of realization; an inner calling.

We’ve been selling products under different brands for a while now. But we hardly used any of the products we sold, we weren’t deeply connected to our own creations. We just wanted to do good business, and we did.

But then, CoVID happened. We got hit too. We’ve always been super optimistic so we took it as a blessing in disguise and decided to re-imagine our mission.

We were certain about one thing. We wanted to create something that we used ourselves, Shared with friends and family, and would be proud in promoting it involuntarily to our extended network.

A few good months of hustle and self reflection, led us to discover Brahmas.

Our Motto

Who Why What ?

Brahmas is a way of living and our motto is to create life filled with purpose.

As a community, we encourage you to live your life with a purpose and embrace utmost gratitude towards life. At Brahmas we aim to aid your well being by creating mindfully crafted products.

As a business our mission is to give back to the community more than we acquire and enrich the lives of people around us as best as we can.


We are starting with the mind.

Our All-natural incense sticks would help you sanctify your mind and surroundings and have a better well being.

Try our range of mood elevating clean incense sticks. 

NAG Champa, for focus & prayers

Eucalyptus, for work and meditation

Lavender, for anxiety and sleep

Rose, for calm and relaxed mind

Sandalwood, for serene and meditative ambiance

We the People

Our ALL Natural Incense sticks Hand-Rolled by the less-privileged in India. When you purchase a pack of our incense you add a smile to the face of our artisans and contribute to their better livelihood. We hope our products aid your daily well being and elevate your mind, body & soul. Team Brahmas.

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