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The Issue

India’s rivers have a very particular problem with regards to its river-pollution caused due to dumping of flowers in the river. As a practice in many religions across the country tonnes of flowers are presented as a sign of worship.
Once presented at a place of worship, these flowers become sacrosanct and cannot simply be thrown away. A common age-old practice to dispose of them has been to throw them into sacred water bodies like the Ganges.

About 8,000,000 tonnes of flower waste is dumped into the Indian rivers each year across 600,000 places of worship.

Although bio-degradable and natural, many of these mass grown roses, lilies and marigolds contain fertilizers and pesticides that are used to grow these flowers. This leads to the pollution of rivers where the flowers rot – killing fishes and creating havoc in the fragile ecosphere of the water body and cause enormous pollution.

Our Action

As we know India’s sacred river, the Ganges, provides a water source for 400 million people, toxicity like this is also highly lethal for humans.
With our mission to contribute towards having clean rivers in India, we collect and recycle these discarded flowers to create our incense sticks.

Our incense sticks are hand-rolled by women artisans.

Once collected, the flowers are passed through a rigorous cleansing process to wither out any toxic chemicals and pesticides. They are then sun-dried and pulverised to create a fine powder which acts as a raw-material towards making the incense sticks.

How do we do it ?

One more Truth

We DO-NOT Dip in Chemicals

The dipping method popularly used by so-called “natural” incense makers is a marketing gimmick.

The fact being, essential oils are super expensive and it’s unrealistic to dip incense sticks into a bucket full of essential oils. Therefore, many incense makers dilute the essential oils with chemical aids.

We on the other hand, mix pure unadulterated essential oils into our incense mix before we hand roll them.

Truly Hand Rolled

Based on our market research and product evaluations from many competitor brands we have come to understand that most incense makers are not literally “hand-rolling” their sticks.

Rather, they use the “dholak” method where they mechanically try to toss the sticks along with dry incense masala to make it appear as if they were hand-rolled.

We hand-roll 100% of our sticks and the evidence to that would be our minor inconsistencies in the thickness and length of our sticks.

Real For Real

We are proud of our products’ true nature. As mentioned there might be minor discrepancies in our shape and size of our sticks. These inconsistencies occur as there are many different women artisans hand-rolling them and they do not have the same shape or size of their palms.

Additionally, our fragrances would be milder than some other popular brands in the market. This is partially because we do-not use any fragrance enhancers to artificially inflate our fragrance and partially because the recycled flower powder we use masks the fragrance of essential oils.

Our fragrance levels and quantity of essential oils are compliant with the International Fragrance Association and are safe to be inhaled by adults, kids and pets.
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