Experience a Candle without a match-stick !



Don’t burn in the past. Stay Fire-Free. Stay Safe.

We’re literally doing it from scratch...

.. to give you features that matter

Height Adjustment

Fits all Candle Sizes with ease.

Auto-Turn Off

Never stress about leaving it on for too long

Perfect Melt

No more tunnelling in your candles.

& give you a Perfect Melt !

Let us explain...

When you have a even layer of melt your candle would look as good as new after ever use.

More reasons to ditch the flame !

Safe aromatherapy for Pets

Safety against Fire Hazards

Baby Proof Your Candle

FOMO is real; get moving..

To good, But True..

Life Time Bulb Supply

Our bulbs are tested to Time-Machines.

We are confident they’d work out until the future. If they fail we replace them for Free* for the next 3 years !

*We’ll ship at-cost. You will have to pay shipping so that we don’t go out of business.
Spend $47.00 more to get free US shipping
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