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The plethora of benefits that meditation provides has led to more people adopting a daily or regular meditation practice. There is also a steady rise in the different types and ways in which meditation can be practiced.

For many people a few minutes of meditation after their yoga session is a part of their routine. With regular practice of meditation your connection with your inner self as well as the higher power increases. Many researchers have pointed out that meditation positively influences all aspects of our life, be it health, relationships, mindset, mental health, or success in a career. The list is endless.

💁 Tips That Will Make Your Meditation Process Easy

  • A comfortable position.
  • A peaceful and calm environment.
  • Comfortable clothes.

Although you become better at meditation only after regular practice. The above three points will help you relax better.

Benefits Of a Comfortable Posture

There are a number of different postures for meditation, and no matter what posture you choose, it is important to be comfortable. If your posture is causing you pain then your mind will not be able to focus itself on meditation. A good posture is one in which your spine is straight but the body is relaxed and comfortable.

  • When our body is relaxed we can direct our energy to relax our mind so that we can enter deep stages of meditation.
  • An erect spine keeps you alert and prevents you from dosing off during your practice.
  • When our spine is straight there is an easy flow of energy through all our chakras. It helps to open up the blocks. It also subconsciously releases any negative energy stored in our system during the meditation process.
  • A comfortable posture with an erect spine increases our focus during meditation. It helps us to form a deeper connection with the supreme power.

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Before doing any meditation, it is important to set an intention. Whether you want to do it for peace of mind, connect with the universal power, just melt your stress away or listen to your inner self to find the answers to your problems.

Determine what benefit you exactly want to derive from your practice and watch how meditating for a few minutes can create miracles in your life.

Best Seated Meditation Positions

This is the most popular meditation posture 

Sukhasana (Easy pose)

  • Although this posture looks easy but doing this posture correctly takes effort and practice.
  • Sit on a mat or floor and cross your legs.
  • Keep your torso straight, relax your body, and spine erect to keep your mind alert.
  • While doing this try to keep your legs relaxed then open your chest.
  • Then pay attention to lifting up your spine. 
  • Your weight should be evenly distributed over your sitting bones, balance your shoulder above your hips and align the head on top of your spine.
  • You can rest your palms on your knees or do Gyan Mudra.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths.

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  • Padmasana (Lotus pose)

    • Regular practice of this posture will lead to the overall blossoming of the practitioner just like a lotus flower.
    • Sit on the floor or on a mat. Keep your leg straight and your spine erect.
    • Now fold your right knee and place it on your left thigh. Your toes should point upwards and the heel should be towards the abdomen.
    • Now fold your left knee and place it on your right leg, the toes should point upwards and heels towards the abdomen.
    • Keep your spine and head in a straight line.
    • Rest your palm on your knees or do Gyan Mudra.
    • Close your eyes and take deep breaths.
    • Repeat for the other leg.

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    Vajra asana (Thunderbolt pose)

    • Regular practice of vajra asana will make your body as strong as a diamond.
    • Start by kneeling on the floor or using a yoga mat.
    • Your feet should be in line with your legs, the sole should face upwards and your big toes should touch each other.
    • Exhale and lower down your buttocks on your heels and your thighs will rest on your calves.
    • Rest your palms on your thighs. 
    • Close your eyes and take deep breaths.

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    Chair Pose

    • Some people find it comfortable to meditate while sitting on a chair. For doing so find a comfortable chair. 
    • For best results don't take the back support. Sit a little bit away from the backrest and keep your spine straight. You can put a pillow for back support but don't lean on it. 
    • Your shoulders should be relaxed, your head should be aligned with your spine and your feet should lay flat on the floor.
    • Rest your palm on the thighs. 

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    Best Non-Seated Meditation Positions

  • Standing position

    • This meditation originated in China. Standing Meditation is one of the three foundation pillars of Tai Chi and Kund Fu. It helps in increasing physical strength and power. 
    • Doing it barefoot on the grass, sand or mud gives the best result. 
    • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees slightly. keep your spine straight and your head aligned with your spine.
    • Close your eyes and take deep breaths. 
    • Start with a few minutes and gradually you can increase the time.
  • Shavasana (corpse pose)

    • Lie on your back on the floor or yoga mat.
    • Keep a little distance between your legs.
    • Close your eyes, and take a deep breath.
    • Now try to relax all the parts of your body one by one starting from your toes to your head. You can listen to our guided meditation here.
    • Stay in this position for around 15 minutes. Then gently open your eyes.

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  • Walking Meditation

    • For those who find it difficult to sit or lie down still for meditation, walking meditation is a great place to start from.
    • Try to walk on grass, sand, or mud if possible for best results.
    • While walking try to be aware of your feet touching the ground, the feeling of the ground beneath your feet, and the steps you take.
    • In cities, it is not always possible to walk barefoot. So it is important to wear comfortable shoes for this meditation.

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    How Incense Sticks Help In Meditation

    • There are certain herbs and essential oils that can stimulate parts of your brain, take you to deep stages of relaxation, and enhance your meditation.
    • One of the best ways to use these herbs and oils is by inhaling their fragrance in the form of incense sticks.
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    • Make our Sandalwood incense a part of your meditation practice and its soothing effect will take you to more prolonged and more profound stages of relaxation.

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