Meaning of Incense Smoke Patterns | Insights on Future, Relationships, & Success

Trying to find meaning in incense smoke and its patterns has no scientific backing. Yet, it is one of the spiritual tools used by people in ancient times.

Was there any logical reason behind it?


Now science may not agree that there could be any meaning behind them, but quantum physicists agree that each of us has a personal energy field that surrounds us.

Now, your energy field influences the energy of the room in which you are present. So, when you light incense, your energy field has an influence on the pattern of the smoke. When you try reading the smoke patterns, you are indirectly reading your vibes.

If you have the right vibes you will attract all the things that you desire, if the vibes are not right, you will have a hard time fulfilling them.

If you are curious to learn more about this fascinating craft then let us begin. I will tell you all about different smoke patterns and how to decipher the hidden answers in them.

What is Incense Smoke and What Does it Mean?

The art of deciphering incense smoke is called Libnomancy and it originated in ancient Babylon. The ancient Babylonians were so captivated by incense smoke that they used it to cleanse their space, weather forecast, foretell battle outcomes, and predict future events in their personal lives as well as for the entire community.

When I try to read incense smoke, I look at it from the point of being on a mission. Universe has answers to all my questions and I imagine that I am on a mission to find out what the universe is trying to tell me.

Now the universe does not give me the message directly, it sends me coded messages. I study the pattern of incense smoke and try to unlock those messages.

Now in order for the mission to be successful, it is important to use incense that is 100% natural and organic. Preferably made with herbs, pure essential oils, natural resins, and flowers.

Brahmas Incense sticks meet all the above criteria. To make it a part of your mission click here.

Now before embarking on this practice, it is important to have a very clear question in your mind. If you can write it down, it would be even better. If you are not clear on your question, then the answer you receive will also be hazy.

Expert Tip: I would recommend that you use incense sticks that purify the surrounding. By doing this, you will get the double advantage of gaining insights for your future along with cleansing your space. To know more about it read our blog Best Incense For Cleansing

Some important things that you should pay attention to before you start reading the actual smoke patterns.

  • The Colour Of The Smoke Can Give You Some Clues

  • Black smoke generally represents negativity and white smoke is a sign of a good omen. Grey smoke usually represents that you are unsure about your question.

  • Pay attention to the thickness of the smoke

  • Thick smoke indicates that heavy feelings or strong emotions are attached to your question/problems. Light smoke determines subtle feelings and emotions.

  • Size of the Incense Smoke

  • If the size of the incense smoke is big that means that your question will have a major impact on your life. A smaller smoke conveys that it is something minor.

  • Take Note of Where The Smoke Is Coming From

  • If the smoke is going straight up it shows that you will receive support from the divine. If the smoke is spreading around that means you will have to wait patiently for your problem to be solved.

  • The Speed At Which the Incense Burns can also Affect its Meaning

  • If the incense is burning rapidly it means that the answer to your question will be fast-tracked If it is burning slowly, it is a sign that the universe wants you to wait patiently.

    Note: All the above factors are heavily influenced by the quality of incense you use. I urge you to buy good quality incense, to glean accurate answers. To learn more about it read our blog How To Differentiate Between A Good VS Bad Incense Stick.

    Incense Smoke Patterns and Meanings

    Before you start reading patterns and meanings, it is important to be calm and centered. If you can do a short meditation before beginning your practice, it would be ideal. it will help you sharpen your intuition, and you will be able to decipher the patterns that are bang on..

  • Incense Smoke Goes Straight Up Or Down

  • If the incense smoke goes straight up, is a sign that good things are on its way. It depicts that you are on the spiritual path. If the direction is downward, it means that you will face some challenges and you have wavered from the spiritual path.

  • If The Incense Goes To The Right Or Left

  • Pay close attention to whether the smoke is going to the left or right. If the smoke is going right then congratulate yourself because it is a sign that your desires will be fulfilled.

    If it goes to the left then there are certain blocks between you and your desire. It is also a sign that your energy field is turbulent.

  • If It Is Blowing Towards You Or Away From You


    This occurrence usually depicts relationships. If the smoke is blowing toward you, it means that someone special loves you back. If it is blowing away from you, it means that they are ignoring you.

  • Smoke Forms A Circle

  • A clear and compact circle signifies that your vibrations are matching the frequency of your desire and soon it will manifest. A hazy and weak circle denotes that your vibrations are not strong enough to attract your wish.

  • It Forms A Ladder Shape

  • If the smoke forms a ladder shape, then pay attention to the number of steps. If the steps are more than two, it shows that you are on a high spiritual path. If it shows one step, it means that you need to work on your spirituality quotient.

  • In case It Has Spiral Shape

  • The spiral shape of smoke, tells you that something big and new is about to happen. Whereas if the smoke does not form any distinct shape, it means that there is a lot of uncertainty and chaos in your life.

  • If It Splits into Two

  • If the smoke splits into two, it reflects that you are at a very important juncture of your life. The universe is telling you that whatever decision you take, will have a major impact on your life. Here, it is important to listen to your instincts.

  • If It Has Many Broken Corners

  • If the smoke shows many broken corners, it tells you that even though you have great plans for your life, you are still confused as to which path to take. You need to be firm on which path will serve your purpose the best.

  • The Infinity Symbol Appears In your Smoke

  • Observe carefully whether your smoke is trying to form any symbols. Usually, symbols like infinity, moon, stars, plus sign, heart, and happy smile indicate good omens and positive changes. 

    Whereas skull, crosses, minus signs, and sad smiles depicts negativity in your life and bad omen. 

  • Smoke Is Thick And Dense

  • Thick and dense smoke, is the universe’s way of telling you that your energy field is clouded with negativity. There are certain negative thought patterns, habits, and feelings that need to be changed.

  • The Flames On The Incense Abruptly Lighted And Lit A Lot Of Smoke

  • If the smoke formed is smooth and even, it means your path to success is smooth and clear. In case it lits up abruptly or the flame is choppy, it means that you will face hurdles on your path to success.

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    Initially you might encounter some difficulties in deciphering the patterns, but with regular practice, it will come easily.

    Do not be disheartened, if the smoke patterns do not show good omens. It does not mean the end of the road. It is the universe’s way of telling you that you need to work on building a positive mindset and attitude. It will help you strengthen your energy field and make it easy for you to face challenges.

    The accuracy of your smoke patterns greatly depends upon the quality of the incense that you are burning. If you want to achieve the best results, use the incense from Brahmas, it is organic and completely free of chemicals.

    I hope this blog was helpful to you in finding the hidden meaning behind the incense smoke patterns. Go and give this interesting practice a try and do let me know through comments how did it go for you.

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