How to Solve your Problems through Meditation

Feeling cheerful all the time is a challenging task. We spend the majority of our existence in an unsteady balance, and we frequently veer away from this path. 

At some point in our life, all of us have felt stressed and depressed. Most of us just find a distraction to help us get through the tough time. But in reality, it is really not a permanent solution. If you keep running away from your problems, sooner or later they’ll catch up to you, resulting in a tornado of turmoil. The more you run away from it, the bigger and stronger it gets. 

So, what is the solution? How do we stop ourselves from spiraling down the tornado? 

Calm down. Face your problems. Find a solution. Think. 

Yes, I know. Telling someone to calm down during a time of crisis is like adding petrol into fire. BUT, what if I give you an easy solution which will hardly take 20 minutes of your day? That tool is Meditation.

Meditation is a tool made especially for getting to know your thoughts. Humans possess a vast amount of mental power, yet frequently we are unable to employ it without doing ourselves harm. The brain gets ensnared as a consequence of possessing too much mental power and insufficient knowledge and discipline. You may dig in and address old problems or stop new ones from happening in the future by clearing your thoughts. And what exactly is this “clearing of thoughts”? It is nothing but Meditation.

A profound state of tranquility of the mind is one result of meditation. The technique dates back countless years. Nowadays, people meditate to unwind and alleviate stress. You may concentrate your emotions and stop the flow of confusing ones that could be stressing you out while meditation. The benefits of this exercise may include improved mental and emotional health.


The advantages of meditation go beyond enhancing well-being, lowering stress, and fostering a feeling of inner calm. You may use meditation to enable you to tackle difficult challenges. Meditation does not solve your problems but it helps us to stay calm and focused, which in turn helps us get through a tough time. 

1. Pathway To an Optimistic Life

An optimistic outlook is the highway to a healthy life. Additionally, that same optimistic outlook is crucial for a prosperous future.  It is a crucial component of one's perspective and of how they deal with both the ups and downs of living.

Solve problems with meditation

2. Stress Reliever

According to a recent study, the Covid-19 epidemic, which has primarily affected women and young people, has had a terrible ripple effect that caused rates of anxiety and depression to rise by more than 25% worldwide in 2020. 

According to the yearly Global Burden of Illness Study, depression and anxiety were among the top 25 causes of disease burden in 2019 even before the pandemic. People are too caught up in the race of life to take time for self-reflection, introspection, or just plain resting. 

People need to spend some time in thought, away from the hustle and bustle; this act is referred to as meditation. It has the power to treat a wide range of medical conditions in addition to mental health difficulties. Focusing the attention on a sound, word, prayer, object, imagined picture, the breath, ritualized motions, or consciousness during meditation or contemplation can help you become more present, relax, reduce stress, and further your spiritual or personal development.

Transcendental sound meditation has a cleansing influence on our hearts and brains, assisting us in developing knowledge and unwavering love.

3. Balanced State of Mind 

One can completely feel strong sentiments while meditating without relinquishing control. A more balanced emotional state leads to more awareness of one's ideas, emotions, and behavior. Increased tranquility, compassion, and appreciation of oneself and others are further benefits of meditation. It is occasionally recommended that patients supplement their medical care with meditation; in fact, meditation is a significant supplementary therapy for the healing and management of many stress-related disorders.

4. Tackles Health Problems 

Meditation helps you lower your blood pressure, decreases aching, improves the immune system utility, and improves you mood and brain function.


There are several approaches to meditation. It has quite a few advantages for well-being and stress alleviation as long as a method allows one to calm the mind and unwind the body. Meditation with incense is one method that some people find enjoyable.

Elevate your experience with incense sticks

A wonderful method to improve your meditation experience is by using incense. The air around you helps relieve nasal blockages. 

incense sticks burning

Clarity of thought is made possible and a state of total awareness is developed with the usage of particular incense. The incense is thought to boost good energy and push away bad energy. The clean air acts as healthy fuel for the body and brain, boosting energy and motivation. Muscle tightness that has built up can be relieved by reducing worry and stress. 

Which Incense Stick to Choose?

If you choose smells like lavender and sandalwood, which are said to induce tranquility, you could find this method to be very helpful. According to ayurvedic medicine, the aromas of lavender, sandalwood, sage, and rose are relaxing, while those of cinnamon, ginger, and mint are stimulating and energizing. Try our natural incense sticks which come in 6 various fragrances.

Since we do not use Charcoal and any diluting agent (chemical) our incenses are deemed clean and do not give out BLACK smoke. Which means you can meditate without worrying about anything! Use CODE “READER” to avail a discount of 10%.

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