Blue Sage Spiritual & Medicinal Benefits With Best Picks


This perennial shrub, which is mostly grown in prairie and grassland habitats, was well-known to Native Americans and employed for its curative abilities to ward off bad spirits.

Given that it is considerably older than white sage, blue sage is frequently referred to as "Grandmother sage." Both holistic medicine and several rituals have employed it.

Many people use blue sage for purifying and cleaning rituals.

It also gives people spiritual power and is occasionally used in exorcism ceremonies to drive out evil spirits. Sage helps to eliminate up to 94% of airborne microorganisms because of its antibacterial qualities.

Sage is a holy herb that is frequently used in "smudging" ceremonies, which are energy cleaning practises. Additionally, blue sage is employed to enhance your life's riches, wellness, success, recovery, and cooling.

About Blue Sage

A part of the mint family is blue sage. Salvia is a word that refers to an old name for a sage with medicinal qualities and meaning "healer." The Latin word "azurea" for this species means "sky blue." A popular name for numerous distinct plant species is "blue sage." The term "sage" relates to the plant's historical usage as a pain reliever.

There are several types of sage. White sage, commonly referred to as California or bee sage, is frequently burned by healers and herbalists. While desert sage is utilised for purification and security, blue sage is employed in rituals of cleaning and healing.  Each kind of sage, including common, purple, blue, black, and other varieties, has its own special characteristics.

Sage has been burnt for generations by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples as part of spiritual rituals to purify a person or area, encourage healing, and foster insight. Since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, it has been used to cure gastrointestinal disorders, memory challenges, and sore throats. The Latin word "salvia," which means "to feel well," is where the term "sage" originates.

Blue Sage Benefits

- Spiritual 🛐

Many people use blue sage for purifying and cleaning rituals. It also gives people spiritual power and is occasionally used in exorcist ceremonies to drive out evil spirits. Being a relative of White Sage, Blue Sage is equally beneficial for rituals of healing and cleaning for crystals, household items, and your energy field.

Burning it during your connection will greatly improve your conversion life when you are meditating. If you practise rituals and manifestations, blue sage has a strong vibration of success and wealth. Blue sage can make it more simpler for us to access our intuition when we are meditating.

  • - Medicinal 💊

  • Sage is a great herb with many beneficial medical properties. Sage is naturally anti-bacterial, which is why it is an ingredient in many cleaning products. Sage may also be used to make your own home treatments for bacterial problems.

    Sage is a natural insecticide and antiseptic. As a natural deodorant and allergy repellant, white sage is frequently used to ward off allergens such as pet dander, pollution, dust, and mould.

    Sage is reported to have an air-improving characteristic that affects asthmatics and those with allergies in particular, therefore a space has to be cleansed before people enter it.

  • Helps Improve Skin diseases

  • Dull and sensitive skin are hallmarks of the chronic inflammatory skin condition known as atopic dermatitis. It makes sense that both localised and whole-body cryotherapy can assist cure atopic dermatitis because they can both raise antioxidant levels in the blood and lower inflammation.

  • Lowers the risk of a premature Menopause 

  • Women, this is an equivalent to a miracle. A female experiences several different stages of life during the course of her lifetime.

    Numerous variables, including stress, mood swings, anxiety, and other things, contribute to early menopause. Benefits of blue sage are more beneficial to women. This is a straightforward remedy for the several causes of early menopause.

    Blue sage naturally cleanses and cleanses the system from the inside out, which strengthens the immune system as well.

  • Helps in Purification 

  • The key to smudging's advantages is the enticing smoke that results from burning sage. With this incense, you may smudge yourself or particular places.

    Some sites claim you can also smear certain items. For brand-new purchases, presents, or used products, this is helpful. But everything may be smeared. Smudging can help you relax and make an object more sacred to you if you're worried about it having a bad past or energy or if it's new or strange to you. The advantage of blue Sage that is most favoured is this.

  • Reduces Stress

  • Sage sources have been shown to lower stress levels, improve sleep, and lower unpleasant vibrations.

    Blue Sage smudge stick should be used to purify the area before moving into a new residence. It will drive out undesirable spirits and instil a cheerful atmosphere.

    Start by igniting your smudge stick outside your front door. Then, begin pacing the house. Be vigilant and cautious as you carefully round the entire home in a clockwise direction. Allow the smoke to permeate even the most concealed spaces, including the inside of closets, cellars, and dim nooks.

  • Attracts Money

  • The result of our business activities is money, but in some cases, other elements also have an impact. 

    They always sense a lack of that, so if there are any bad feelings in the house, something is to blame. 

    Or maybe that is insufficient to meet their wants and ambitions. The explanation is because we are unable to think clearly in a bad atmosphere.

    We spend money where it shouldn't be spent so much on the improper stuff. Or perhaps we're experiencing some losses since the work isn't going smoothly. 

    Blue Sage won't give you money, but by creating the correct conditions, you'll be able to effortlessly obtain it and put it to good use.

  • Boosts memory 

  • Through the decades, people have incorporated it to teas for precisely that purpose: to enhance memory. There is no indication, as per experts, that this sage piece of medication may truly help.

  • Improves Mood

  • Cryotherapy promotes inner tranquillity, which aids in reducing mood fluctuations. People who frequently experience mood fluctuations might benefit from this. This has no physical effects yet naturally produces the desired outcome. Actually, we are not doing anything covert in this. We can already sense the atmosphere and the sentiments.

    Realistically, when we are emotionally anxious or thinking deeply, mood swings become a problem. People struggle to manage their anger and mood swings under this circumstance.

  • Can be used as a flavouring 

  • Crumble dried sage across a plate prior to serving improves taste. Additionally, sage may be used to lend herbaceousness to condiments,  butter, meat marinades, desserts, and breads. Fresh sage leaves provide teas and drinks a quick herbal taste boost.

    🤏 Best picks

  • Caldrea Scented Candle 

  • With Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Scented Candles, you simply design your own ambiance. You would savour the long-lasting scent of these candles for a 45-hour burn period. 

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  • Caldrea Basil Blue Sage Countertop Cleanser 

  • Caldrea Countertop Spray Basil Blue Sage quickly energises the house and the soul. We wholeheartedly recommend it since it is secure and efficient on any non-porous surface, even natural stone.

  • Blue Sage essential Oil by Eternal Essence 

  • The cosmetic-grade Eternal Essence Oils are ideal for giving soaps, creams, and other products a uniquely fragrant touch. Everyone adores this essential oil, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers!

  • Goodfellow and CO No. 01 Blue Sage and Tonka Texturizing Fibre

  • You may easily obtain the hairdo you love using Goodfellow & Co.'s No. 01 Blue Sage and Tonka Texturizing Fiber. To keep your hair smelling amazing, it even has a slightly manly Blue Sage and Tonka perfume with zingy lime, silky sage, and hints of warm tonka, amber, and woods.

    Brahmas Incense

    Our sticks are made using 100% natural substances.We have zero tolerance & do not support the use of chemicals, fragrance enhancers or artificial colours. We do not use Charcoal as a burning agent. We use ethically sourced organic wood powder to aid the burning process. This is 100% eco friendly and does not give out any black smoke. 

    We are soon launching our own Sage Incense sticks, stay tuned folks!

    Until then, Try our organic Incense Sticks which come in 6 different fragrances.


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