7 Best Incense for Cleansing

You do not really have to use a typical herbal wand if you want to purify the aura in your house.

The aura of your house and body may be cleansed in a variety of unconventional methods.


Incenses are an excellent choice for you, for instance, if you enjoy the scents of herbal wands but prefer something that you can light continuously.

All civilizations across the globe have employed incense for hundreds of years to purify energy. There are many various types of incense that may be used to purify energy, which is another interesting truth about it.

Best Incense for Cleansing (Our Picks)

1. Lavender

lavender incense

This fragrant herb has a reputation of being a flower used for detoxification in addition to being used to calm and soothe the mind and spirit. After a fight, Roman troops would literally take a bath in lavender water and apply the oil on their skin.

In order to purge the area of unwelcome energy, lavender was often burned as incense in churches in Spain and Portugal. It may be a fantastic substitute for incense.

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2. Patchouli

Patchouli is a traditional plant that has been utilised for ages in religious rituals all across the world. Folks have valued it for its usefulness and energy from China to India.

Patchouli offers a wide range of energy connections, from creative magic to love spells. It includes cleansing. It may be included into charms to fight against bad energy and provide safety.

3. Sandalwood

Since ancient times, this delicious tree has been revered and used for a variety of purposes, including making incense. India and Australia are only two nations where you may get sandalwood, which is a product of Southeast Asia.

It is used as sacred incense in India and has purifying and protecting effects. Nearly every Hindu temple and residence still contains prayer beads, wooden statues, and incense.

It is a wood with a high vibration and may be utilised for ritual practices such as meditation and prayer because of its profound relationship with divinity.

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4. Jasmine

Jasmine has been grown for millennia and has a seductive flowery aroma. It is a Middle Eastern plant that was previously highly valued by palaces and romantics.

Although it also serves other energetic and spiritual purposes, it still resonates with the energy of love and romance.

It may be an effective smell for clearing the mind of unfavourable ideas and soothing the heart to more compassionate and open vibrations. It is excellent for reducing tension because of its calm, pleasant scent.

5. Eucalyptus

Often we experience an overflow of bad energy, which can make it difficult for us to breathe. Our bodies become overly analytical as a result, and they stop functioning as they should. Eucalyptus can help in this situation.

The bad energy that could be impairing our capacity to breathe are helped by eucalyptus incense

The all-natural Brahmas Eucalyptus incenses have a calm and relaxing aroma that has a revitalising and renewing impact on the soul and bodies, in contrast to the chemical-based insect repellents that are now on the markets. 

6. Nag Champa

Nag Champa is typically available as sticks or cones, which will emit their scent with or without burning. Nag Champa is made by blending a collection of resins, powders, and fragrant gums (from plants) with Sandalwood oil. 

Nag Champa is an excellent meditation aid since it immediately burns and produces energies that are both calming and focus-enhancing. Nag Champa may be used for many things, and cleansing the self with it is a great way to start your routine.

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7. Sage

sage incense

Indigenous Americans have utilised sage, especially the White Sage found in the regions of California and New Mexico, to make bundles known as "smudge," which they have burned as incense for thousands of years.

Sage is one of the greatest types of incense for purifying your house since it works well for ritual purification and space preparation.

Sage smoke, whether it comes from plants or incense, attaches to bad energy and drives them out of your area, boosting positivity and giving your house a solid foundation.


You may assist get rid of the unfavourable vibes weighing you and your home down by utilising these incense for cleansing.  Keep in mind that sometimes you have to concentrate on purging the bad energy from your own body before they may leave the house. 

If you don't deal with the bad energy at its source, no amount of incense purification will be of much use.  Check out our discounted selection of 6 different incense sticks which will help you cleanse your aura and bring in positive energy.

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