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Yoga Books On The Lymphatic System

Yoga For Lymphatic System
Discover how your Lymphatic System kicks the TOXINS out and builds your IMMUNITY, along with the yoga book and poses that work can wonders for your lymphatic system.

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Did you know that our body has its own SEWAGE system?

This sewage system collects the Harmful WASTE and TOXINS from all the organs of our body and flushes them out of our system.

The hero who does this noble job is called “LYMPHATIC SYSTEM”

The word Lymph is derived from the Latin word ‘Lympha” which means water.

What is the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system has a huge network that reaches all the parts of our body. This network is called Lymphatic Vessel.

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Fig. 1 – Lymphatic Vessel

Can you see the green lines that are branching all inside the body, it is called Lymphatic Vessel.

How Do Lymphatic Vessels Collect Toxins

The journey starts with blood circulation.

The blood is circulated into our body through blood vessels. Refer to the red lines in the picture below.

Fig. 2 – Blood Vessels

When the blood travels through our body,  plasma which is the liquid portion of our blood leaves the blood vessels and travels to the tissues of our body.

The reason behind plasma leaving the blood vessel is to deliver food, oxygen, and Hormones to all the cells of our body.

When plasma leaves the blood vessels to deliver the above-mentioned nutrients, it surrounds our tissues and forms tissue fluid.

This tissue fluid collects all the waste products, toxins, and wastewater from the cells.

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Now, 90% of this fluid with all the toxins passes back into the blood circulation to be eliminated from our system.

But 10% of the fluid is left behind and is known as LYMPH.

This Lymph fluid contains toxins that need to be drained out from our body, if not then our body will resemble a giant balloon filled with water.

This is where the lymphatic system comes to our RESCUE. 

Do you remember, at the start, I told you that there are Lymphatic vessels that run inside our body?

Well, these Lymphatic vessels absorb the remaining 10% of the lymph fluid.

How Do Lymphatic Vessels Purify Lymph 

Just like how there are sewage plants located at certain places in our country, similarly, there is something called Lymph nodes located at regular places throughout our lymphatic vessels. 

The lymph nodes are located at the neck, underarm, chest, abdomen, and groin.

Let us check out what happens in Lymph Nodes.

The Function Of The Lymph Nodes

There are 2 main functions of the Lymph Nodes

  • The Lymph Nodes produce white blood cells which attack bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances in the lymph fluid. It prevents you from infections and falling sick.
  • They filter out damaged cells and cancer cells. It saves you from cancer.

These waste products, destroyed bacteria, and unwanted cells, in the lymph fluid, are carried through large lymph vessels into the neck.

 In the neck, there is a Thoracic duct, which empties the Lymph fluid back into the blood circulation.

The bloodstream then removes those waste products from the body.

Three main Duties of the Lymphatic System

  1. They produce white blood cells to fight against foreign invasions like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. It Protects you from falling sick.
  2. Transports and gets rid of waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.
  3. Maintains the fluid levels in the body by absorbing the excess tissue fluids and returning them to the bloodstream.

What does your lymphatic system love

Since the Lymphatic system form such an integral part of our immunity, it is important to take good care of it. Let us see how you can keep it healthy.

  • Avoid food that contains lots of preservatives and chemicals, it becomes difficult for the lymphatic system to filter so much waste.
  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day so that the lymph can easily be transported from the tissues to the bloodstream.
  • Regular exercise.

What happens if your Lymphatic System Is Not Working Properly

  • The fluids in your tissues will not be flushed out properly and will cause swelling in your body.
  • You will have poor immunity and will be prone to diseases.
  • It could also lead to cancer.

Is Yoga Good For the Lymphatic System

YES! Your Lymphatic system will be grateful to you for it. 

The reason is that, unlike blood which flows because of the force created by the pumping of the heart.

In the case of the Lymphatic system, there is no pumping happening to make the lymph flow. It is dependent upon the contractions of muscles to keep flowing. 

When you perform and hold yoga poses, the contractions of muscles take place which allows easy movement of the Lymph fluid to the Lymph nodes and ultimately to the blood, to eliminate the toxins and other waste from the body.

Yoga Book On Lymphatic System

This book is written by Edley Wallace who is a yoga master and has done extensive research on the Lymphatic system for over 20 years.

Lymphatic Yoga And The Water Of Life (The Aquarium Within)

This is the first book of the trilogy about Yoga and the Lymphatic system and it contains in-depth knowledge on how to restore and maintain your Lymphatic health.

Best Features 

In this book, Edely explains that when the lymph flow is proper, it represents the 1st stage of health, and if the system is sluggish infections and illness appears.

She has described how strengthening our Lymphatic system with yoga poses holds the key to sound health, a clear mind, and spiritual awareness.

Her explanations are backed by recent scientific discoveries about the Lymphatic system.


  • All the concepts are explained in easy-to-understandable terms.
  • Gives useful insights into Lymphedema.
  • Highly informative.
  • Easy to do yoga postures for healing from Lymphedema.


  • Content in terms of quantity does not justify the high price of the book.

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Which Yoga is Best for Lymphatic Drainage?

The main goal of these yoga poses is to drive the lymph fluid to the Lymph nodes located at the neck, underarms, chest, abdomen, and groin. 

Since gravitational force also affects the flow of the Lymph, bending your body in these 10 yoga poses will harness the gravitational force and allow the flow of the lymph to the Lymph nodes.

Child’s Pose

  • Sit on your feet with the knees apart. 
  • Make sure that your big toes are touching each other.
  • Bend your torso forward and rest your forehead on the floor or you can also use a blanket or a block for support.
  • Place your palms facing down on the floor in front of your head.
  • The elbows should bend out on the sides.
  • Excellent for passing the lymph to the lymph nodes located at the neck and chest.

Fig. 3 – Child’s Pose

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Downward Facing Dog

  • Come to your hands and knees. Your hands should be below your shoulder and your knees should be below your hips.
  • Lift your knees from the floor and firmly press your hands on the floor.
  • Excellent for passing the lymph to the lymph nodes located at the neck, underarms, and chest. 
Fig. 4 – Downward Facing Dog

Legs up the wall

  • Lie down and lift your legs up.
  • Keep your legs straight while taking the support of the wall.
  • Keep your hands beside you with palms facing down.
  • Excellent for passing the Lymph to the Lymph nodes located at the groin and abdomen.

Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend

  • Stand with your legs 4 feet apart.
  • Bend from your waist and if possible touch your palms flat to the floor and rest your head on the floor.
  • Excellent for passing the lymph to the lymph nodes located at the neck, underarms, and chest. 

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Reclined Twist

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Hands stretched out in line with shoulders with palms facing up.
  • Lift up your right leg and cross it over your left leg and put it down on your left side with your heels touching the floor.
  • If possible try to touch your left palm with your right foot.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.

Standing Forward Bend

  • Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend forward from your waist and try to catch your ankles with your hands, if not possible just touch the floor.

Cat pose

  • Come on all your fours, hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your knees apart and while inhaling stretch your neck and lift your head up.
  • While exhaling touch your chin to your chest and lift your waist a little.

Supported Shoulder Stand

  • Lie on your back, now lift your legs and your waist.
  • Support your waist with your hands and keep your elbows parallel and touched the ground.
  • Try to lift your waist as high as possible.

Bridge Pose

  • Lie on your back, palms facing downward and touching your ankles.
  • The knees should be up and the soles should be flat on the floor.
  • Now lift up your hips and keep them suspended in the air.

Bow Pose

  • Lie on your front. 
  • Bend your knees and lift your ankles and catch them with your hands.
  • Lift your head and thighs from the ground.

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