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Why Brahmas Incense Sticks are Different?

Brahmas Natural incense sticks are focused on having a better state of mind. We make our incense sticks without any chemicals, charcoal or artificial fragrance enhancers. Our incense sticks have just pure natural ingredients in it.

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There are dozens of brands selling incense sticks that you can buy from but let us answer you why you should try Brahmas incense sticks.

We mindfully handcraft our incense sticks to help you centre your mind, body & soul. 

Our incenses are one of the cleanest of its kind, Here’s Why –

1. Chemical Free

No Fragrance Enhancers, No Artificial Colors, Just Pure natural ingredients.!

2. Zero Charcoal

Our incense sticks are made with ethically sourced wood powder & are 100% Eco Friendly. 

3. Recycled flowers

No more flower waste. Our mission is to reduce flower waste from flea markets and temples. We collect, sort and process these flowers to make the base of our incense mix.

4. Pure essential oil

This is what makes our incense sticks a teeny bit expensive, but more importantly clean!

We use Pure essential oil to make the dough of powdered flowers, unlike other brands that dip the incense in adulterated essential oils.

5. Zero Black Smoke Promise

As we do not use any chemicals in our incense sticks, they do not produce harmful black smoke.

It makes our incense sticks safe to burn even for kids & pets at home.

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Our contribution to Earth

Clean for you, For our planet, and for our community.

Clean rivers

In India, tons of flowers are dumped into the river once they are submitted to the gods and goddesses during worship. This leads to a very particular problem with regard to river pollution caused due to dumping of flowers in the river.

As a step towards keeping the rivers of India clean, we collect discarded flowers from the temples and leftovers from flea markets.

These are cleansed, assorted, pulverized, and later used to make our incense mix.

Clean Heart

We are 100% transparent with our community about how we make our products.

Our Process of making Incense sticks

3 more truths

1. We DO NOT Dip in Chemicals

We do not dip our incense sticks in chemically essential oils.

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If you do your research you’ll know that most incense brands that dip incense sticks in pure essential oils are fooling us by saying “pure”.

The fact is, essential oils are super expensive and it’s unrealistic to dip incense sticks into a bucket full of essential oils. Therefore, many incense makers dilute essential oils with chemical aids.

2. Truly Hand Rolled

When most brands these days claim to be “hand-rolled”, please be a mindful consumer to see the real difference between hand-rolled and not.

We hand-roll 100% of our sticks and the evidence of that would be our minor inconsistencies in the thickness and length of our sticks.

Hand-rolled comparison: 

3. Real for Real

You may find inconsistencies in the sizes of our incense sticks as there are many different women artisans hand-rolling them and they do not have the same shape or size of their palms.

Brahmas Vs Brands

Brahmas Natural incense sticks are focused on having a better state of mind.

Try our incense sticks to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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