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White Sage Incense | Powerful Meaning & Rich History

Nature has given just a perfect Antidote for your negativity problems in the form of White Sage. In ancient times the tribals from Native America would burn it to cleanse their surrounding from evil spirits.

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Is the constant negativity around you draining your energy?

Nature has given just a perfect Antidote for your negativity problems in the form of White Sage. In ancient times the tribals from Native America would burn it to cleanse their surrounding from evil spirits.

Nowadays with an increase in interest of people in natural healing. The use and awareness of natural herbs like white sage have significantly increased. Many millennials and gen z have started smudging white sage to dispel negative energies and cleanse their homes.

White sage is a medicinal and aromatic plant that is native to Mexico and the southwest United States. With the increase in its popularity, it is now grown and is used all over the world.

White sage incense and its benefits:

Many pieces of research conducted on White Sage have proven that what the ancients believed about the cleansing, protective, therapeutic, and spiritual power of White Sage was true.

Let us look at some of the benefits of White sage and what the research has to say about it.

1. Improves cognitive ability

Research suggests that White sage has active compounds that have a positive impact on the cognitive functions of the brain which leads to an increase in Memory, attention, and learning. It also provides protection against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Smudge yourself with its smoke when you are trying to learn a new skill. With an expanded cognitive ability it will be easier for you to grasp and remember new information and concepts.

Some varieties of white sage consist of a compound called ‘Thujone’ which stimulates brain activity and sharpens our intuitive ability. When you are brainstorming for new ideas, burn white sage around and find yourself overflowing with creativity.

2. Tilts your mood towards a positive state

study points out that white sage has the power to uplift your mood. When you face some setback or hurdle and you are sad, just burn a bundle of white sage and let its aroma seep into your being and work its magic on you.

Gradually, you will feel better, and with its cognition-enhancing capacity, who knows you might find a way out of your setback. It is also believed to reduce anxiety and works effectively on depression.

Pair it with our Lavender incense sticks to skyrocket your mood or you can also use plain lavender incense, its implicit stress-busting components will kick your happy hormones.

Also, read about the 7 proven benefits of Lavender incense, and how its aroma can lead you to deep stages of calm and relaxation.

3. Helps to relieve minor aches and pains

Research shows that White sage has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to fight off unwanted bacteria and viruses in the body, and repairs damaged tissues and cells. Which advertently speeds up the recovery process from any diseases or bruises. It also has a soothing effect on minor pains.

It is also believed that its anti-microbial properties purify and cleanse the air. Breathing in this clean air will help you to feel light and revive your energy levels.

Pair it with Brahmas Eucalyptus incense sticks its potent anti-microbial properties will thoroughly cleanse and purify your home of unwanted energies and micro-organisms.

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4. Aids in building a strong immunity

Research suggests that White sage is rich in antioxidants. It helps to build immunity and fight off diseases.

When your body does not have to spend the majority of its energy on fighting or recovering from diseases, that energy can be used productively to focus and achieve your goals.

White sage can be used for 3 types of cleansing

Before smudging white sage makes sure to have a clear intention of using it for cleansing purposes, It gives a better result. You can burn white sage and fan its smoke for the cleansing of 3 energies.

Personal Energy

Diffuse its smoke around your body.

House Energy

Blow its smoke all around your house.

Objects Energy

Fan the smoke around your crystals or any object that you want to purify.

Caution: Incense made up of herbs and essential oils provide myriad benefits. However, it is vital to ensure that your incense is made up of 100% natural and organic raw materials. Only then can you encash their benefits?

Check out these pure and chemical-free incense and transcend to higher levels of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life.

Extinguishing White Sage 

While extinguishing the white sage make sure that you put the burning part in the ash or sand to douse the flame. Avoid using water, because it will be difficult to reignite them again. Also, ensure that the fire is completely extinguished before putting it away or it could lead to a potential fire hazard.

History of White Sage

Because of its incense-like fragrance, White Sage was used by native Americans for smudging. Records show that they were the first to use it for spiritual purposes, cleansing energies, rituals, and ceremonies.

They believed that it brings blessings, prosperity, healing, and protection. Smudging incense was their way to connect with the higher power.

Another incense used by our forefathers for cleansing and protection is Nag Champa. Click to find out the 7 benefits of Nag Champa for your overall well-being.

Try our organic Nag Champa incense to show the negative energies that they are not welcome in your life or house.

About Brahmas,

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