5 Interesting Ways to Use Incense Ash and SAVE $$$

Ways to use incense ash
Learn Ways to use incense ash as fertilizer, to raise your vibes, repel insects, mask the odors, and for beauty purposes.

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What to do with Incense Sticks?

Many of us have experienced that feeling of basking in the smoke of our favorite incense, the aroma of which slowly relaxes our minds and fills us up with calm and peace. 

When we look at its byproduct which forms a pool of ashes beneath our incense holder, we tend to give little thought to it and discard it in our trash, thinking that it is of no use. 

Well, It is not totally useless, read this blog to find out the 5 best ways to use incense ash and save some money in the process.

What Is Incense Ash?

Incense ash is the powdery residue that remains after incense materials are burned. Incense is a mixture of aromatic substances like herbs, woods, resins, and sometimes essential oils.

When the incense is lit, these materials undergo combustion, releasing fragrant smoke and leaving behind ash.

The ash primarily consists of the non-combustible components of the incense, such as minerals and plant matter that don’t burn completely. In some cultures and religious practices, this ash holds symbolic or spiritual significance and is used in rituals or ceremonies.

There are many ways to use incense ash.

Extinguishing Your Incense Sticks

Before we dive into the actual ways to use incense ash, let us go through the proper way to extinguish the incense sticks to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

  • If you are into the habit of burning incense before bedtime, make sure to extinguish it properly before you sleep.
  • The incense ash tends to stay hot for quite some time after burning, so burn the incense in a place where the ash does not directly fall on your carpet or wood surface.
  • Also do not immediately discard the ashes while it is still hot, because there are chances of them being reignited again and if there is any combustible material in the trash it could result in a catastrophe.

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Ways To Use Incense Ash

With a few variations and additions, you can use incense ash to make a variety of homemade and natural products. Here are 5 ways to use incense ash:

1. Keep the bugs at bay

The ashes of the incense sticks can be used as a natural insect repellent. Mix it with water and apply this paste to the areas that you want to keep bug-free. To increase its effectiveness, you can mix it with essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint.

2. Increase the vibrations of your surroundings

Incense sticks that are 100% natural, contain herbs and essential oils that have a positive influence on the state of our mind, and when we are full of positivity it becomes easy for us to deflect the negative energy around us. 

Even after burning, the ashes of these incense still contain the essence of these oils and herbs, so when you are feeling down just sprinkle some incense ash around you before doing any important task or meditation, it will help you center your energy and focus on the task at hand.

3. Exfoliate your skin

The ash powder can be used to make excellent homemade scrubs. Mix it with water, and rub it on your skin to make it smooth, soft, and clean. You can make your variation by adding your favorite oil to the scrub which will additionally moisturize your skin.

4. Mask the odors

Mix a handful of incense ash with water and put in a few drops of your favorite essential oil and use it to spray in your kitchen and washrooms to mask unpleasant odors.

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Can you put Incense Ash in Plants?

Wats To Use Incense Ash

Incense ash is rich in minerals and one of the best ways to reuse it is to combine it with the soil, it acts as a natural fertilizer.

If you tend to generate loads of incense ash then it’s better to add it to a compost pit and then add that to your soil because too much ash if directly mixed with soil could harm the plants.

To use incense ash as a fertilizer make sure you use only 100% natural and organic incense. You can purchase chemical-free incense sticks, enriched with herbs and essential oil from Brahmas.

Incense sticks which are pure and organic increase the vibrations of your surroundings.

Similarly, the ashes generated from these incense sticks are also high in energy, and when we treat our plants with such high-energy materials, they are bound to bloom and flourish.

You don’t have to believe me, try it out and check the results yourself.

Next time instead of discarding the ashes, either make your natural products at home and save some money or shower your plants with love and care by using them as a fertilizer.

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How to Clean Incense Ash?

  • Allow incense ash to cool completely.
  • Use a handheld broom to sweep ash into a pile.
  • Carefully scoop ash into a container or garbage bag.
  • Gently wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Optionally, vacuum the area with a brush attachment.
  • Maintain regular cleaning to prevent ash buildup.

How To Read Incense Ash?

Arrangement of Ash: The way ash settles can mimic the ebb and flow of energy. Clusters might represent areas of focus or intensity, while more spread-out ash could symbolize a harmonious and balanced energy distribution.

Lines and Shapes: Lines in the ash might suggest a journey or progression. Follow the lines with your eyes and see where they lead; this could reflect the path your energy is taking. Shapes often carry universal symbolism—circles for wholeness, spirals for transformation, and squares for stability.

Symmetry or Asymmetry: Symmetry might indicate a balanced energy state, where different aspects are in harmony. Asymmetry can suggest a dynamic energy, where various influences are interacting in unique ways.

Contrasts: The interplay of light and dark in the ash can mirror life’s contrasts. Just as light emerges from darkness, challenges can lead to growth. Contrasting areas could represent the coexistence of opposing energies.

Your Interpretation: Trust your inner wisdom. Each person’s intuitive language is unique. If a certain pattern or shape sparks a particular emotion or idea within you, that’s a sign that you’re tapping into the energy’s message.

Subtle Messages: Often, incense ash patterns offer subtle messages, like whispers from the universe. These messages might not be glaringly obvious; they could be gentle nudges guiding you toward certain thoughts, decisions, or actions.

Why Choose Brahmas?

Unlike others, we never compromise. No chemical dips here – only nature’s purest offerings.

Each Brahmas stick is a masterpiece, infused with unadulterated essential oils.

Crafted by skilled women artisans, every stick tells a unique story of dedication and craftsmanship.

Our incense follows International Fragrance Association standards. From adults to kids and pets, all can relish its calming effects.

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