Replacement Bulbs For Candle Warmer Lamps

Replacement Bulbs For Candle Warmer Lamps
Everything you need to know about choosing the right bulb for your candle warmers, the best options that are available in the market, and how to choose the right candle warmer.

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There are so many options of light bulbs that are available in the market for a candle Warmer lamp, it is natural to get confused as to which one will work best for your Lamp. It is important to choose the right bulb because if you choose the wrong one, either your bulb will burn out fast or the bulb will simply not melt your candle wax efficiently. 

Replacement bulb for candle warmer lamp

Before you search for a replacement bulb for your Candle Warmer Lamp, keep these 5 things in mind. It will help you select the best option that is available in the market.

1. The watts of the bulb that the candle warmer is designed to use

Your Candle Warmer lamp will come with information of what is the ideal watts of the bulb that should be used. While making a purchase you should try and stick to this.

If you purchase a bulb with higher watts than what is recommended, it will produce excess heat, as a result, your candle will melt rapidly and the life span of your candles will be shortened. In extreme cases, it can even damage your Candle Warmer Lamp or even worse cause a fire.

In case if you replace it with a bulb that has lower watts, then the heat produced won’t be enough to melt the wax, which could be frustrating.

2. The Type Of Bulb That Should Be Used

There are two types of bulbs that can be used for candle warmers:

Incandescent BulbsHalogen Bulbs
They consume much fewer watts than Incandescent bulbs, thus saving you money on electricityThey consume much fewer watts than Incandescent bulb, thus saving you money on electricity
The average lifespan of an incandescent bulb is 1000 hours, there could be minor variations to this depending upon the brandThey last up to 2 to 3 times longer than an Incandescent bulb
All Incandescent bulbs are dimmable. The incandescent bulb that gives colored light might not be dimmable, but the ones sold for the candle Warmer Lamp will be dimmable. Just to be on the safe side before making a purchase check whether they are dimmable or notHalogen bulbs are also dimmable, still, it would be wise to check whether it is dimmable or not before you purchase.
They use a lot of watts, which means that they have poor energy efficiency and increase your electricity billThe upfront cost is more than the Incandescent bulb. But it saves you a lot of money on electricity.

*NOTE– LED lights are the most energy-efficient, but it does not produce enough heat to melt the candle wax.

3. The color temperature of the bulb

Refers to the color of the light that the bulb emits. It is measured in terms of Kelvin (K). We want our candle Warmer Lamp to emit a soft golden-yellow light akin to the warm glow of the burning candles. A bulb that has up to 2900K is ideal for this purpose. 

If you purchase a bulb with a higher Color temperature, then it won’t emit the desired heat to melt the wax and the light emitted will also be bright and white. 

If you go for a bulb with a lower color temperature, it will produce a lot of heat, and the light will also be garish yellow. So try not to experiment here.

4. The shape and size of the bulb

Buy a replacement bulb that is of similar size and shape to the original bulb that came along with your Candle Warmer Lamp. In case it came without a bulb, then they will mention the size and shape that should be used.

5. Lumens

It is the amount of visible light that the bulb emits. The higher the lumen count, the more light will be emitted. If you prefer your Candle Warmer Lamp to emit a lot of light then go with the bulb that has higher lumens.

On the other hand, if you want subtle light then choose the one that has lower lumens.

Should I purchase the bulb based on the wax of the candle that I use?

No. You don’t need to take the type of wax that you use into consideration because there is not much difference in the melting points of Soy and paraffin wax. 

I hope this information helps you to find the best replacement bulb for your Candle Warmer Lamp. 



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