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8 Meditation Room Ideas on a Budget | Unique Themes

8 Meditation Room Ideas on a Budget
Dive into the blog to find out interesting themes, tips, ideas, and product recommendations that your pocket won't mind spending on.

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Once upon a time, there were 3 friends. They wanted to enhance their meditation practice. So they decided to design a space specially dedicated to meditation. 

Now their monthly salary did not allow them to splurge on lavish meditation decor, but that did not deter them from creating their own meditation retreat. 

They resolved to make their oasis of calm amidst their ordinary dwelling within their budget constraints.

Let us see how did they accomplish this by giving you some meditation room ideas!

How Do You Create A Meditation Room On A Budget?

The three friends wanted to design a space that gives a different vibe, feel and look from the rest of the room/house. 

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Something that would help them to disconnect from the outside world and make them feel centered, reflect on their life, and spend some quality time with themselves. 

First, they collected all the meditation items that they already possessed. Like yoga mats, cushions, paintings, meditation gifts they had received, etc.

They did not have the luxury of a separate room, that they could especially dedicate to meditation, so they selected a spot in their house and decided to convert it into a meditation space.

They researched some meditation accessories that would not pinch their pockets. 

They also thought to purchase a few items from the thrift store to cut down on expenses.

You could also learn from them and follow these steps to make your pocket-friendly meditation corner.

Below are some of the tips that helped them create their blissful enclave amidst the chaos in their life.

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Things to Consider When Designing a Meditation Space

  • Before you make any plans to build your tranquil little corner, take a few moments to determine your intention and purpose so that you can customize it as per your needs, utility, and taste.
  • Be clear about the purpose/purposes of this corner. do you plan to meditate, contemplate your life, spend some time alone, journal, read, etc? This will help you choose the right elements for your space. For e.g., if you plan to use it for journaling or reading, you would want to incorporate bright lights.
  • What should be the vibe of the place? how do you want your place to make you feel? Do you want it to energize you, make you feel calm and relaxed, or heal you? It can help you choose the perfect colors and accessories.
  • Do you want your space to make you feel light and warm or cool and cozy? Accordingly, you can opt for elements like candles/lamps, or plants.
  • Activities that you plan to integrate e.g., yoga, chanting mantra, mindfulness, or journaling will influence your choice of accessories.

Meditation Room Ideas

If you can choose a theme for your space it will narrow down your choices of colors and accessories. It will also give your space a unique and coherent look, and not give the feeling that you have just thrown a bunch of pieces together.

Although there is nothing wrong with it especially when you are on a budget. It’s just that a theme will make your place look more put together. 

1. Go Colorful With a Bohemian Theme

If you love colors then you should go with a bohemian theme. This way you will have something to look forward to when your life edges towards boredom and monotony.

The bohemian look is all about adding a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to your space. Make your space as interesting as possible. It gives you the freedom to mix and match and play with a variety of elements. Just don’t get carried away, or the space might end up being a source of distraction rather than relaxation.

Pocket-Friendly Bohemian Meditation Accessory

2. Cut Down The Fluff With a Minimalist Theme

You can achieve this look by keeping your space as simple as possible. Opt for color subtle preferably whites, whites, and beige. Remove anything that could distract you during your practice. Include elements for functional purposes rather than decorative purposes.

The idea here is to limit the elements to just two or max three items to make the space comfortable and inviting enough for you to meditate. 

Minimalist Meditation Accessory

3. Practice Mindfulness With Zen Theme

Just by adding a few zen accessories like a Buddha statue or Zen garden to your space/room, you can create a zen-like atmosphere. Adding elements that are simple, bring balance, and have clean lines are perfect to nail this look. Choose calm and neutral colors and go with natural fabrics.

Zen Meditation Accessory

4. Go Green With Botanical Theme

If you love nature then you should fill your space with lots of indoor plants. Keep in mind to choose a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight so that your plants can bloom and flourish.

It will give you the perfect opportunity to heal with nature. They also provide the added benefit of purifying the air.

Botanical Meditation Accessory

5. Overload On Fragrances With Aromatherapy Theme

If you love to be surrounded by fragrances then you should fill your space with essential oils, scented candles, and fresh flowers, or burn incense during your practice. Their fragrance will delight your olfactory senses and rejuvenate your senses.

Aromatherapy Meditation Accessory

6. Release Your Blocks With Chakra Theme

Chakra meditation is a great way to remove any blocks so that the energy flows freely through your body. Surrounding yourself with the elements of the 7 chakras is one of the best ways to heal past trauma and connect with the supreme power.

Chakra Meditation Accessory

7. Connect With God With Religious Theme

You could add a touch of religion to your meditation space by incorporating idols of the deity you worship, making an altar, or adding any other accessory that is associated with your religion e.g., paintings, wall hangings, etc.

Temple Meditation Accessory

8. Attract Positive Energy With Feng Shui Theme

Feng shui elements will help you to attract positive energy so that you can create a perfect ambiance for mindfulness, reflection, and contemplation. Aim to balance the five elements like fire (for inspiration), earth (for stability), water (for wisdom), wood (for intuition), and metal (for focus) to enrich your meditation practice.

Feng Shui Meditation accessory

How To Decorate A Room For Meditation?

PRO TIP– I would suggest you choose accessories that will inspire you to show up for your meditation practice regularly.

  • It would be ideal if you can choose a spot/room that is quiet and has natural lighting, near the window so that the light of the sun can charge your space with natural energy.
  • The area that you choose has to be clutter-free, consider discarding or donating the stuff that is not needed.
  • Alternatively, you can also add a lamp or twinkle lights to make it attractive and provide a warm glow to the space.
  • Consider covering the floor with a colorful or a subtle rug, depending on your choice.
  • Add props like meditation cushions or meditation benches, whatever you are comfortable using. 

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  • Further, you can hang some tapestries, wall hangings, or posters that inspire you to meditate.
  • Placing some indoor plants will add the healing energy of nature to your space/room.
  • Any meditation tools that you are fascinated about like singing bowls, tarot cards, mala beads, etc
  • Accentuate your space by adding crystals, stones, statues, or show pieces. 
  • Enriching your space with aromatherapy, either by using oils, scented candles fresh flowers can calm down your nerves and increase your focus while meditation.

Also, check out our blog on Scented Candles VS Incense.

  • You can further enhance your space /room by placing positive affirmations, vision boards, journals, or a list of goals. Doing this will match your frequency with that of your desires and manifest them quickly and easily.

What Is The Best Colour For The Meditation Room?

Each color has its own vibrations and has the power to affect our moods and feelings. There is no rule as to which color is the best.

  • If you want your space to give you a feeling of peace and serenity, then opt for the shades of white.
  • If you are deep into spirituality, then the purple color will take you to higher stages of meditation.
  • Shades of reds, oranges, and yellows can add warmth to your space. These colors also boost energy.
  • If you want your space to give cool and cozy vibes opt for cool colors like blue and green. They also make you feel relaxed and calm.
  • If you want your space to look vibrant then you could opt for all the seven colors of the rainbow. But try to incorporate only one piece with all seven colors; the rest of the elements can be neutral or shades of any one color. 

Note– If you are still confused then you should play safe and start with neutral colors. You cannot go wrong with it. Later if you feel like adding colors, you can add a piece or two of that color.

How Do I Turn My Room Into Meditation Room?

  1. You can convert your room into a meditation room by first decluttering. Discard or donate all the unnecessary stuff, especially the ones that stir negative emotions or memories.
  1. Choose the theme and colors that you think would serve your purpose and intention the best. 
  1. You can start incorporating the elements based on your theme, one by one into your room. I would suggest you not buy everything in one go. Make one or two purchases every now and then so that you don’t exceed your budget.
  1. Try adding different sensory elements like music, aromatherapy, and interesting textures to further enhance your experience. 

What Direction Should a Meditation Room Face?

It is believed that the meditation room should face east or northeast. This is the direction from where the earth’s powerful magnetic energy is generated. 

If it is not possible for you to have a room facing northeast, then while meditating face towards the east or northeast direction. 

The philosophy behind facing this direction is to harness the universal life force energy that is generated in this direction and innoculate it into your life.  

Recommended Products

1. Meditating Buddha Statue For Calm

This statue is bound to add peaceful and serene vibes to your space. The lotus-shaped bowl is perfect for holding small indoor plants, crystals, stones, mala beads, etc. This statue has bronzed finish and cracked texture that will add a natural element to your decor. 

2. Tibetan Singing bowl For Soulful Sounds

If you already don’t possess this popular meditation tool then this is the perfect opportunity. The pure vibrations made by this sound will push the stress away from your mind and replace it with healing and relaxing feelings.

3. Nag Champa Incense Stick For High-Intensity Focus

Burn this incense stick during your meditation and its calming powers will increase your focus during meditation. They are hand-rolled by woman artisans and are 100% pure and organic. Made from recycled flowers, pure essential oils, natural woods and resin, and ancient ayurvedic herbs, the fragrance from this incense will step up your meditation levels.

Also, read our blog on the 11 Physical and Psychological Benefits of Burning Incense.

4. Cotton Meditation Cushion For High-Level Comfort

Put this bright and colorful pillow into your space or room and trust me its beauty will entice you to meditate and connect you to deeper realms of a blissful world. It is so soft and comfortable that within no time you will be zoned out from this world.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamp For Calming Mind

This Himalayan salt lamp will bathe your space with a warm amber glow. This Himalayan salt is hand-mined and hand-crafted to create a beautiful bowl shape with chunks of salt inside it. When the lamp is switched on it provides a soothing and calming effect and almost instantly your anxiety will melt away.

6. Moon Dream Catcher For Positive Vibes

This dream catcher is woven by hand using natural cotton thread. It will attract good luck into your life. Add this beautiful piece to your space, and it will bring the right vibes that you are searching for. It is said that they fill up the nights with good dreams and push away bad dreams.

7. Breathing Buddha For Deep Breathing

This breathing Buddha is designed to inspire you to breathe deeply. When the Buddha is green (4 sec) you have to inhale, when the light turns purple (7 sec) you have to hold and when the light turns blue (8 sec) you have to exhale. It will instantly reduce your stress, and anxiety and improve your overall well-being.

8. Zen Garden To Practice Mindfulness

This miniature zen garden consists of three spheres with different patterns each. When they are rolled on the sand, different patterns are formed on the sand. It is an excellent way to induce mindfulness into your routine. This activity is spiritually calming and brings about peace of mind. This is slightly expensive, but the quality and fictionality are worth it.

9. Meditation drum For Relaxing Music

This drum produces a clean and ethereal sound that will soothe your soul. Play it either with mallets or your hand to produce sounds that will calm your jangled nerves and take you to deep stages of relaxation.

10. Yoga Meditation Figurines For Serenity

These figurines are made up of resin and will add a touch of peace and serenity to your meditation space. Before making a purchase keep in mind that their size is pretty small.


All these accessories and elements can help you create the right ambiance, but at the end of the day what really matters is that you show up for your practice regularly. 

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