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Lavender Incense | Rich History & Powerful Meaning

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The Latin word “Lavare,” means “wash” and denotes purification, is where the English term “lavender” originates.

As exotic sounding as its name and aroma, lavender has been employed in various forms since antiquity.

Burning lavender incense promotes mental health, reduces anxiety, and creates a harmonic balance inside your inner self.

Let’s look into what this calming incense scent can do for your mind and how to utilise it to its full potential.

Lavender history

History of Lavender

Did you know that King Tutankhamen’s tomb reeked of lavender from 3,000 years ago when investigators first entered it?

Ruben,  a Flemish artist, also employed lavender throughout the Renaissance to give his paintings life.

Additionally, in Tuscany and India, lavender branches were thought to ward off the evil eye and divert snakes.

The ancient Egyptians used lavender essential oil for mummification, the Romans used it in sacred rites, and the Indians used it for protection.

The lavender plant’s fresh or partially dried lavender leaves or blossoms are steam-distilled to produce lavender essential oil, which is used to make lavender incense sticks. It has endless purifying and sanitising effects on the body and psyche!

lavender meaning

Lavender was used as a deodorizer and cleaner on floors in castles and hospitals due to its insecticidal qualities.

During the battle, lavender was utilised to treat wounds and as a component in smelling salts.

White Flower Oil, a therapeutic oil used for all ailments, is made in China using lavender.

Historically, the component has also been used for embalming corpses, treating animals for lice, taming lions and tigers, warding off insects, flavouring snuff, and making specialised lacquers and varnishes.

About the Fragrance

LAVENDER incense sticks have a strong flowery scent that tends to instantly revive you.

Your tensions are soothed and calmed by its soft, sweet scent. Scientific research has shown that it naturally promotes better sleep and is frequently used in aromatherapy.

Learn more about Lavender Incense Benefits

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The aroma of lavender is extensively utilised as a relaxing, meditative, and devotional support around the globe. In many regions around the world, it is further employed as a medicinal agent. It is used as an antidepressant and releases the body from stress and disturbance.

Its ability to purify the air and eliminate any bad aura is one of its many similarities to other incense sticks. One has a  better sleep quality when their mind is calm and peaceful and has a relaxing scent.

Additionally improved is the ability to concentrate and inventiveness. The nervous system has been proven to be calmed by lavender.

It fuels sexual desire and maintains emotional equilibrium. The blazing of the sticks enhances the amorous mood of ladies. To have an intense sexual experience, use lavender sticks.

See more benefits of Lavender Incense Spiritual Uses here

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