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The 5 Best Lavender Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Bliss

Best Lavender Essential Oils
Explore the world of lavender essential oils with our expert guide. Discover the top 5 lavender essential oils for relaxation, mood enhancement, and more. Find the perfect lavender oil for your needs and elevate your well-being today.

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A lavender essential oil should be kept in your vanity if you want to reap the advantages for your skin, mental wellness, and relaxing scent.

Lavender oil, one of the most adaptable essential oils, can enhance the comfort of your sleep by easing insomnia, tension, and anxiety as well as reducing cramps. 

Finding a decent lavender essential oil, or any essential oil for that matter, may be quite difficult because so many brands combine these oils with other substances, which degrades their quality and efficiency. 

One must select an aromatherapy product that is trustworthy, genuine, and free of toxic substances whether you’re using it for aromatherapy or simply to unwind before bed.

The lavender essential oil will have a variety of effects on people, as with all essential oils. Add a drop of lavender essential oil diluted in a carrier oil to a small area of skin before applying it topically, and check it for sensitivity or reaction.

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Use lavender oil sparingly around your eyes, nose, and inner ears.

Stop using lavender oil right once if you suffer nausea, vomiting, or a headache when using it. Without a doctor’s prescription, never use lavender oil because it could be hazardous.

If you are expecting or nursing, avoid using lavender essential oil without first seeing your doctor.

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About Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender oil is a well-liked essential oil that is praised for its adaptability and variety of uses, including aromatherapy, medical use, and culinary use.

There are two species of lavender that are often utilised. Each has a somewhat unique chemical profile, which results in unique features. Depending on the outcomes and effects you want to achieve, decide which lavender essential oil to use.

1. English Lavender

The shrub Lavandula angustifolia, also known as English lavender, is indigenous to the Mediterranean region. When buying lavender essential oil, customers look for this variety of lavender. Any lavender oil must have the Latin term Lavandula angustifolia, which can be found on the label. Consequently, you can end up purchasing an unwanted or unforeseen plant.

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Consequently, you can end up purchasing an unwanted or unforeseen plant.

2. Spike Lavender

Lavandula latifolia, sometimes known as spike lavender, is the second most widely used species of lavender.

Compared to conventional lavender, spike lavender has a spicier scent and has been linked to the following advantages:

Because spike lavender has antiviral characteristics, it can be used to sanitise areas, heal cuts, battle acne, and combat the flu.

Useful for treating sinus infections.

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Best Lavender Essential Oils

1. Gya Labs Pure Lavender Oil 

Gya Labs’ lavender oil is extensively verified by GC/MS, MSDS, COA, IFRA, etc. and is 100% pure and unadulterated, made from steam-distilled Bulgarian flowers. Essential oils from Gya Labs are of the highest purity and contain no carrier oil.

2. Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil

Oils made with handcrafted blends are just that! Many oils that are marketed online make that assurance, but they are actually blends and isolates of natural substances. Every bottle of essential oil comes with a Quality Guaranty since everyone has undergone testing by an independent lab. Oils for Handcraft Blends come from all around the globe.

3. MAJESTIC PURE Lavender Essential Oil 

Merchandise from Majestic Pure is produced or packed in the USA, without using any kind of animal testing. Lavandula Angustifolia from Bulgaria and Lavandula Hybrida from France are the two pure, steam-distilled lavender oils that makeup Majestic Pure Lavender oil, which comes in a 4 fl oz quantity.

4. PURA D’OR Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Products from PURA D’OR are made with carefully chosen components while strictly adhering to their Promise List. Carefully packaged and consistency-checked at their American facilities under stringent quality control.

5. Cliganic Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Only 100% Pure, Natural, Organic, Non-GMO Essential Oils are available from Cligacnic. This indicates that the oils are pure (no carrier oils are added) and free of synthetics, chemicals, etc. You receive expensive, top-notch, and reasonably priced essential oils. USDA Organic products are grown and processed in accordance with rules that take into account, among other things, the quality of the land and water.

How to Choose the Best?

We spent hours searching online for the most well-known and widely accessible lavender essential oil. We have compiled a list of every lavender essential oil that had at least three positive customer ratings on Amazon India.

To be sure you’re purchasing pure Lavandula angustifolia essential oil, always check the label on the bottle of lavender essential oil. Avoid diluted, less expensive oils that are transported by carriers like coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

The use of these oils in a diffuser is not advised, even though they are suitable for topical applications. Generally speaking, it is preferable to get pure, premium essential oils and diluted them at home according to your personal criteria.

Only buy essential oils that are packaged in dark amber or cobalt bottles since essential oils lose effectiveness when exposed to light. 

Lavender oil is like a medicine cabinet in a bottle, with an almost infinite number of uses. Consider purchasing a high-quality brand in bulk if you use essential oils frequently to save money.

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