I Am Lucky Affirmations

i am lucky affirmations

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“That’s just my luck!” is a common phrase. However, they state it in a very unfavourable manner. Their car may break down, and they would comment, “Well, that’s just my luck!” Or a highly anticipated event is postponed, “That’s just my luck.”

Your ideas are so strong, and this kind of remark is also strong—but in the wrong manner. If the law of attraction could hear what you were saying, it would understand that you wanted more bad luck, wanted your concert to be cancelled, and enjoyed when things went wrong.

The cosmos is always responding to your ideas and the vibrations they cause, I know it seems a little crazy. Thus, when you express sentiments like “I’m so unlucky. This sort of thing usually occurs to me!” You are telling the universe, “THIS IS WHO I AM, THIS IS WHAT I EXPECT!” when you do (things you don’t want). Therefore, if this is what you receive, don’t be shocked.

Are you prepared to use your ideas to your advantage in order to attract luck? Think about these wonderful affirmations for luck all the time.

I am Lucky Affirmations

So here are a few affirmations that can get you started: 

  1. I am Lucky 
  2. I’m deserving.
  3. I have faith in myself.
  4. I always arrive at the proper moment and place.
  5. I often experience miracles.
  6. Everything nice comes to me without effort.
  7. The very best is yet to come.
  8. I’m fortunate in all facets of my life.
  9. I’m amenable to good fortune.
  10. I am honestly very fortunate. 
  11. I never lack luck.
  12. I always have good fortune.
  13. I’m building a long and prosperous future.
  14. I decide to be fortunate every day.
  15. I am the luckiest person I know.
  16. I create my luck by looking for it every day.
  17. I have a strong luck magnetism. 
  18. I am deserving of joy and tremendous affection.
  19. I’m experiencing a run of positive news.
  20. Good things simply seem to come my way constantly.
  21. My readiness to take action determines how much luck I experience.
  22. I enjoy setting up scenarios in which I could be fortunate.
  23. Whenever an opportunity knocks, I enjoy opening the door for it.
  24. Opportunities are everywhere I look.
  25. It comes naturally to me to feel wealthy.

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How Affirmations Work

When the word “affirmations” is used, many people automatically think of some woo-woo idea. It all comes down to telling yourself things you don’t really believe.

Positive words that you repeat aloud or silently in your brain are known as affirmations. They are spoken with complete conviction, confirming the truth of the statement.

This is about using the power of the thoughts we choose to repeat to ourselves on a regular basis rather than engaging in wishful thinking.

The truth is that all of our ideas, both good and bad, have the power to manifest specific outcomes in our lives when they are repeated frequently enough. 

The reason for this is that our ideas affect our moods, which in turn affect our behaviours and outcomes. This domino effect shows that your outside environment is frequently a reflection of your inner world and that it is always at work.

How to Use Affirmations For Good Luck

Read through all the samples of affirmations we provided above two or three times every day. For the following 14 days, maybe in the morning, at lunch, and at night. This will greatly assist you in beginning to develop these constructive thoughts. There’s no need to be overly rigorous. This is a suggestion rather than a set rule.

Select one to three affirmations that genuinely speak to you, then repeat them to yourself throughout the day. Make your mantras from affirmations that are simple to recall.

Affirmations can even be written on post-it notes, which you can then stick in prominent places where you’ll see them frequently.

Allow yourself to accept the veracity of these statements. When you really believe something to be true with every cell in your body, it is true.

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You can alter your perspective from one of worry and uncertainty to one of trust and optimism by using good luck affirmations. You can create a positive thinking pattern that draws luck and good fortune into your life by repeating positive affirmations every day.

Affirmations may also stimulate you to pursue your goals since they serve as a constant reminder of your strength and capability, encouraging you to take action to live the life of your dreams.

Much love till then, my buddy, and dream big as always. 



Mekhala, a law student and avid reader, has a deep passion for spirituality and meditation. She finds solace in these practices, using them to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness each day. Nature, yoga, and varied spiritual pursuits captivate her outside her studies and writing. Mekhala's devotion to mindfulness enriches her blogs with inspiration and insight.

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