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How to Use Scented Memory Rose

Read how scented momory rose can effectively enhance your memory. A study backed by the scientists.

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Taking a whiff of rose scent while learning, Studying, or performing any task and then being exposed to the same smell during sleep helps memories to set. Sounds interesting? We have found many researches & studies that prove fragrances enhance your memories.

In a nutshell, a study concludes that if we smell an aroma while we take on new knowledge and then sleep next to a source of that same odor, we will find it easier to recall the information at a later date.

Let’s dive into how scented memory rose and how this actually works. 

Scented Memory Rose is an effective tool for enhancing memory

Researchers based at the University of Exeter in England published their findings in the journal Learning & Memory. 

We know that scents can be very effective in stimulating memory and the ability to learn from experience. 

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This study suggests that if you smell an aroma while you are learning new information and then take a nap next to a source of the same fragrance, you will find it easier to recall the information at a later date.

Rose scent induces learning and memory enhancement. 

The researchers made the participants place rose-scented incense sticks on their desks while learning a list of objects, near their bed while sleeping, and on the table during the test. They then compare the results with other groups without incense sticks.

Try this rose trick for sure. But if it doesn’t work for you, there are many other scents or combinations of scents that can help you improve your learning speed.

How rose scent helps memories to set

Rose scent has the ability to improve memory, at least when paired with some other aromatic fragrances. 

To test the memory-boosting power of rose scent, scientists with the University of Barcelona in Spain studied 42 men and women aged between 24 and 33. 

The subjects were given two tests and given either rose scent or lemon or clove or vanilla scent for a period of four hours. 

The second test involved eight written exercises. After they rested, the subjects were given a challenging test. The study found that the subjects took 35% less time to recall and test the information than those who didn’t smell the scent.

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How to use Rose scent to enhance memory?

All you need is a bunch of roses or something that has Natural Rose scents like incense or essential oils. 

Take out a rose. Combine two to three drops of rose oil and scent a small vase of cuttings of rose, or in a bigger vessel, give a teaspoon or so to two other people and smell the roses together. 

Try to avoid the scent of a strong one such as a cut rose as it may be too harsh for your senses. 

[The study was conducted on volunteers of all age groups.]

If you don’t find fresh roses every time you can keep a pack Rose scented incense sticks handy. 

Lit them while you perform the activity or when you’re studying or working so that you’re subconsciously setting the scent in your mind.

Lit the rose incense again while you’re asleep in a well-ventilated room to set the memories in your mind and enhance them over time.


The current study indicated that scented memory rose smell helps to strengthen short-term memory. 

The best way to utilize the benefits of aroma you ask? Embrace the scents around you at all times, no matter what you’re doing.

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