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How to Use Candle Warmer Lamps

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How does a candle warmer work?

Warming light bulbs in the Candle Warmer lamps and lanterns melt the top of a candle to release the aroma from the wax safely and to simulate a burning candle without the risks of an open flame. As compared to burning a candle, the enormous pool of melted wax emits a scent that is stronger, cleaner and lasts up to twice as long.

Because conventional candles don’t burn as long as wax melts in a candle warmer, using them to perfume your house may get pricey. Therefore, every time the wick goes out, you have to buy a brand-new thing. There are no exposed flames while using a candle warmer since the wax is heated and melted electronically.

Why a candle warmer lamp?

If you light candles frequently, there’s a good likelihood that you’ve seen soot or wick residue on your surfaces. A lost security deposit in a rental property or damage to your walls and wallpaper over time might occur from this, which would decrease the value of your house. For those who prefer to avoid an open flame, candle warmers are a perfect alternative.

How to use Candle Warmer Lamps?


Using a candle warmer lamp is basically very simple. You have to get your scented candle that comes in a jar. YOU CANNOT USE THE NORMAL CANDLES WHICH DO NOT COME IN JARS.


Put your candle on the plate given in the candle warmer lamp.

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Switch your candle warmer lamp on. Wait for a few minutes till the heat from the lamp starts melting the wax in the candle. As the wax melts, it releases the aroma of the scented wax. 

Voila! Pretty simple right?

Here are a few tips and tricks

  • As the aroma of your candle starts to fade, melt the top inch of the candle, pour the melted wax into an emptied glass or metal container, and then throw the container away. Once the wax has cooled and set, trim the last candle wick.
  • If candle wax runs onto a candle warmer, use a plastic spatula or credit card to scrape the wax off. 
  • If candle wax is not melting, check to see whether the light is on and that the candle jar lid has been removed. Remove any residual wax by rubbing it with a paper towel. To remove melted wax, avoid using metal or any other sharp things.
  • Ensure that your potpourri, tarts, wax chips, candles, and other items are stored in a container or dish. The Wax will melt onto the lamp base if this doesn’t happen.
  • Your light bulb’s life will be shortened if you turn it on and off in less than five minutes.
  • It is not advised to ignite the wick of a candle after it has been melted by a candle warmer and burned.
  • Maintain the candle wick at least half an inch away from the light source.
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