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How to use a Candle Warmer As a Beginner | With FAQs

Do Candle Warmers Last Longer Than a Candle?
Candle warmers can melt the wax of your candle without the use of an open flame. Learn about the different types of candle warmers and how they function.

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Using candle warmers is an alternate method of indulging in smooth, expensive smells. You probably picture burning a wick when you consider taking in a candle’s calming scent.

However, there is another technique to create an atmosphere in any space without using an open flame.

A candle warmer is a product that eliminates the need for an open flame to spread fragrance across a room.

A plug to plug in an outlet or a place at the top to collect wax melts, or some sort of light or heat source is usually within the gadget.

The wax melts have a low boiling point and come in little amounts of pre-portioned perfumed wax.

Your candles will last longer if you use a candle warmer. This is so that the aroma may spread more slowly since they don’t heat the candle to the same temperature as a flame that is burning. When a candle or wax melt stops emitting a smell after being warmed up, you can replace it or add another wax melt.

Without using a flame, a candle warmer uses electricity to melt the candle wax. Scented candles emit their aroma oils into the air without a flame by melting the candle wax. The use of candle warmers is thought to be safer than lighting and burning candles.

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P.S: Just so you know, this article talks about jar candle warmers rather than wax melt warmers.

How to use a Candle Warmer 

Tealight Candle Warmers

Try to find tealight candle pictures

A tealight Candle warmer is used for a tealight candle. This is what a tealight candle looks like:

Now that we know what a tealight candle is, let’s understand what Tealight Candle warmers are.

Candle warmers are not all electronic. This one melts the wax via a flame. The dish or plate holding the wax is placed beneath the tealight candle, and the heat from the tiny flame melts the wax.

Although tealights have an open flame that can be hazardous, they are less prone to be toppled owing to their tiny size, and they normally burn out within eight hours, which is advantageous in case you forget to put the tealight out.

Lamp or Lantern Warmer Style

This type of candle warmer is used for a candle jar.

A layer of wax from the top of your candle will be heated by a halogen light bulb in candle warmers that melt from the base, unleashing the scent contained in the wax.

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Warming light bulbs in the patented Candle Warmer lamps and lanterns melt the surface of a candle to properly emit the aroma from the wax while simulating a burning candle without the risks of an open flame. When compared to burning a candle, the enormous pool of melted wax emits a scent that is stronger, cleaner, and lasts up to twice as long.

However, since there isn’t a flame to quickly burn the wax away as there is in a traditional candle, you will need to discard the melted wax from the candle once the aroma has been completely extinguished from that layer of wax.

Plate Warmer Style

You’ll need a Jar Candle for using this type of candle warmer. 

Your candle will be warmed from the bottom up using a plate candle warmer. Your complete candle jar will be melted, turning all of the wax into liquid because of the heat that most of these plates are capable of producing.

With this kind of warmer, you don’t really need to be concerned about spilling layers of wax because everything will mix together and finally burn off all of its fragrance. However, it is preferable to use smaller candles with plate warmers as you will have a full jar of hot liquid wax to deal with.


To conclude, candle warmers might be a terrific solution for those who, for reasons related to their housing or working situation, are unable to burn candles. Candle warmers may also be an excellent choice in areas with kids and animals.

Although they are less prone to create fires, the hot wax in the candle warmers can still result in burns. Therefore, care should be exercised while using them near children and animals.

Regardless of your choice, simply keep in mind to abide by both manufacturer-recommended usage instructions and common sense safety precautions to get the most out of your candles and candle warmers.


How do you burn a candle with a candle warmer?

You simply keep your candle jar into the candle warmer platform and turn on the candle warmer. Once it is turned on, it uses electricity or heat (in case of a lamp style warmer), which causes the candle to release its aroma. 

Which gives a better scent? Candle or Candle Warmer?

This issue will be hotly contested, with some individuals adamant that candles give off a stronger aroma throw and others adamant that warmers that melt wax do. While we can’t say for sure one way or the other, we can say that there are a number of things that will affect the amount of fragrance you receive with any choice.

Is it better to burn a candle or use a candle warmer?

Since there is no exposed flame to be concerned about, candle warmers are often technically safer than candles. However, with a wax warmer, there are still issues to be concerned about, such as wax drips and outlet issues.

By using a warmer, you may also prevent a burning candle from leaking soot and other particles into the air. You won’t have to worry about this if you use clean-burning candles, though. Your warmer may still leak chemicals into the air when it is heated, depending on the wax you choose.

How long should you use a candle warmer?

You may leave a tealight wax warmer on for 4 to 8 hours, or until the aroma fades. Up to 10 hours, or until the wax melt has ceased emitting aroma, can be spent using electric wax warmers.

Can candle warmers catch on fire?

One function of a candle warmer is to make your house smell good. Since there is no open flame to accidentally knock over and set other objects on fire, using them is considerably safer than using a candle. You also stay away from smoke, which may discolour furniture and other furnishings.

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