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How Many Incense Sticks to Burn for Good Luck?

How Many Incense Sticks to Burn for Good Luck?
Attract good luck and fortune into your life by lighting a specific number of incense sticks, depending upon the day of the week in which you were born.

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Why Use Incense Sticks?

Incense can open doors to public or informal spirituality, acknowledged religion or secularism. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity are just a few of the numerous global faiths that regularly utilise incense and have done so for thousands of years.

No matter the setting—formal or casual, spiritual or aesthetic—by igniting an incense stick as an offering, you generate positive Karma. A straightforward action with no hope of reward. A generous and letting-go action.

Incense stick use on a regular basis might aid individuals in regaining their typical sleeping urges and escaping the grip of insomnia.

incense luck
Fig. 1: Meditation using incense sticks

Incense burning is a custom that is practised in many nations all over the world.

People burn incense sticks daily to fight off bad luck and evil energies and encourage good luck and divine power, as well as at religious rituals and auspicious events.

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But How Many Incense Sticks to Burn for Good Luck? Let’s find out!

The Chinese Culture to Good Luck

In Chinese culture, certain fragrances are believed to be better suited to luring positive vibes than others.

For instance, some smells are believed to be better than others while making a wish or tying the knot.

In China, rose petals, jasmine, and sandalwood are among the most often used fragrances.

incense stick
Fig. 2: Incense Stick

Some smells are regarded to be more effective than others at luring prosperity and good luck.

When selecting your incense sticks, you must also take the aroma into account.

How Many Incense Sticks to Burn For Good Luck?

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Depending on how many wishes you want to fulfil simultaneously, ignite three or five incense sticks in one bunch.

Three lights will stand for the past, present, and future, accordingly.

The Chinese believe that after lighting an incense stick, you should stack them one on top of the other.

There are five sticks layered around each other, creating a triangle.

This symbolises the past, present, and future, accompanied by finalisation leading up to infinity, because once you light all five sticks together, it’s nonetheless just one stick illuminating all five, indicating that everything was finished before beginning again.

Fig. 3: Incense sticks in Chinese culture

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How Many Incense Sticks to Burn for Good Luck?

4 incense sticks

It is associated with the elements and is employed to boost luck.

6 incense sticks

It is associated with the strength element and is used to bring good fortune, especially to those who were born on a Sunday.

8 incense sticks

It symbolises luck, particularly for Tuesday birthdays.

10 incense sticks

It is employed to boost luck and is associated with the power element, particularly for those born on Saturday.

12 incense sticks

This is done to honour Rahu and is said to bring good fortune to anyone born on Wednesday nights.

15 incense sticks

It is associated with the power element and is believed to improve luck, particularly for Monday-born individuals.

17 incense sticks

It is associated with the power element and is believed to improve luck, particularly on Wednesday birthdays.

19 incense sticks

It is believed to provide good luck to those who were born on Thursday and is used to revere instructors.

20 incense sticks

This is to improve your luck and quality of life.

21 incense sticks

It is used in ceremonies to unveil Mother Earth, to venerate Mother Earth, and to bring Friday birthdays more luck.

Fig. 4: How Many Incense Sticks to Burn For Good Luck

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Assorted Incense Mixtures Used for Good Fortune and Positivity

An incense that mixes two or more distinct smells is known as a holy mixture. Frequently these odours are blended with other substances; for instance, a sacred mixture of frankincense and myrrh is sometimes referred to as white myrrh due to its potent ability to purify, cleanse, and sanctify space. In order to meet specific purposes, numerous different kinds of incense are frequently combined.

Burning sage incense can help a person feel protected in their house.

brahmas range
Fig. 5: Brahmas Incense Sticks

Sandalwood and Plumeria are combined to create nag champa incense. 

Nag champa is used in temples to honour the gods and cleanses and sanctifies areas.

Safety Tips for Burning Incense

While incense burning has numerous advantages, it must always be done carefully. The following will help you use an incense afely at home:

  • Always use a well-ventilated space when burning incense.
  • For the incense sticks, use a heat-resistant incense container.
  • A basin of water should be kept close by in case the aroma starts to burn.
  • Never let an incense fire go unattended.
  • Keep combustible items away from where you are burning incense.

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Best Time to Burn Incense

The best time to burn incense can vary based on your intention, the type of incense, and the atmosphere you wish to create.

  1. Morning
    • Set a positive tone for the day.
    • Choose invigorating scents like citrus or herbal blends.
    • Create an energizing atmosphere to boost focus and mood.
  2. Afternoon
    • Take a break and reset.
    • Opt for calming scents like lavender or chamomile.
    • Enhance relaxation and mental clarity during the day.
  3. Evening
    • Wind down and relax.
    • Select soothing scents like sandalwood or vanilla.
    • Create a calming ambiance for a peaceful evening.
  4. Before Sleep
    • Promote relaxation and sleep.
    • Choose calming scents like lavender, cedarwood, or chamomile.
    • Prepare your mind for restful sleep with a soothing ritual.
  5. Cleansing and Protection
    • Clear negative energy as needed.
    • Choose a focused time for the ritual without interruptions.
    • Align the timing with your intuition and the space’s renewal needs.

The timing for burning incense is versatile and adaptable to your intentions and desired ambiance. From energizing mornings to calming evenings, each time of day serves a purpose in enhancing your environment, mood, and spiritual practices.


What incense is good for positive energy?

Since it is thought to have numerous beneficial properties, Sage is a plant that is frequently used as incense. These consist of encouraging calmness, joy, and spiritual wellbeing. Sage is another natural defence against evil energy that some people employ.

What time should you light incense sticks?

Your day will be filled with plenty of enjoyment and mental peace if you begin it on a good note and burn incense before exiting your house. Mornings are the best time to get your day started. Burning an incense stick will help you clear your mind after a long, exhausting day at work and will eventually relax you.

I recommend, you light Brahmas Eucalyptus incense to activate your senses in the morning.

How much incense to burn for getting money?

Since everything relies on your personal belief system and what you think would bring you good fortune, there is no definitive solution to this topic. However, a lot of people think burning a few incense sticks, often 20 or so, is an excellent method to fend off bad luck, attract good fortune, and make money.

What type of incense is used for dead soul?

Incense sticks with a cone form are typically used during rituals to honour gods or pray to forefathers. In most ceremonies, one stick is burnt. The predominant incense used at this time in Hindu and Buddhist cultures is Sandalwood.

What is the Use of 108 Incense Sticks?

A technique used for fortune-telling and requesting blessings from the highest spiritual realms involves lighting 108 incense sticks.


Don’t simply buy any incense when trying to bring luck into your everyday life; instead, check into Brahmas incense sticks, which are completely eco-friendly and don’t emit any black smoke.

Our incense sticks are regarded as pure and do not emit black smoke since we do not use charcoal or any other diluting ingredient. We also assist Indian rural women in creating a sustainable means of subsistence. India has a long history of producing high-end, hand-rolled incense sticks, a labour-intensive procedure that is done by women living in the country’s many communities.

Being a cottage business, the Indian Incense industry predominantly employs women, helping them to support their families and make a life. 

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