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Herbs for Protection Spell Jar | Best Ingredients & Recipes

Herbs for Protection Spell Jar
Learn everything about the best ingredients, spells, and recipes for protection jars and how to customize them as per your needs.

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It has been proven by quantum physics that we all subconsciously pick up the energies around us. These energies could be negative or positive. 

Have you ever felt that energy is being sucked out of you without any actual reason? 

The reason could be that you are subconsciously picking up negative energies.

For some people, the outside negative energies have little to negligible influence on their life. 

For empaths like you and me, these energies can be a huge drain on our vital life force energy. 

Answer and Win!!

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This holds true for almost all types of healers. Be it Energy Healers, Witchcraft, Tarot card readers, Numerology, Reiki, Therapists, or healers who use medicines.

These negative energies can act as a hindrance in expressing our divine gifts. It prevents us from giving our best to the world. 

This is where the protection jar comes into the picture. I will show you how this works.

I would like you to imagine that you are a hero in a sci-fi movie. All those negative energies are your enemies. You need to protect yourself from them. Now the universe is rooting for you and wants you to win so it has gifted you with one weapon. This weapon is a protection jar that consists of herbs and spells. 

You place it either in your meditation room, altar, or in the space where you conduct your healing sessions. This jar forms an invisible protective shield around you. When your enemy aka negative energies attack, it comes in contact with your protective shield and gets bounced off. 

Now the protection jar has saved you from negative energies and they cannot touch you. This will leave you to absorb the positive energy from your surrounding. This positive energy will nourish your soul and you will start vibrating at a high frequency.

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What Are Herbs for Protection Spell Jar

A protection spell jar is a magical weapon that helps you to fight and destroy the negative forces that attack you. 

The protection spell jar gets its power from

  1. The protection ingredients inside the jar. (it includes herbs, oils, crystals, and salts)
  2. The protective spells and intentions used while making the jar. 

In this type of jar, the spells and intention play a crucial role. It is important to have a very clear intention while making your jar. 

You can make a simple protection spell jar by following these 3 easy steps.

1. Cleansing The Space and Preparing Yourself 

Before you attempt to make the jar. Make sure that you cleanse the area. You can do this by lighting an incense stick that is meant to purify the surroundings. 

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I would urge you to use only 100% natural and organic incense sticks for this purpose. They have the power to successfully purify the space. Whereas incense that is made with chemicals is a waste of money and does not even cleanse the space. in fact, it pollutes the air and energy of the room. 

Next, you will need to be centered and grounded for the process of actual preparation. The more centered you are, the stronger will be the magic of your protection jar.

You can also visualize yourself inside the protective bubble of god’s light or diffuse your surroundings with essential oils.

As part of your preparation, you can also consider listening to this 3-minute guided meditation. You can do it after gathering all the ingredients. It will boost your energy and strengthen your ability to create a strong and effective protective shield.

2. The Ingredients for Protection Jar

Collect all the ingredients and place them inside the jar while chanting the spells. 

List of Ingredients 

  • A clean jar
  • Candle to seal the jar (preferably chemical-free ones)
  • Salt. Black or white anything will do
  • Protective herbs (mentioned below)
  • Essential oil (mentioned below)
  • Protective Crystals (mentioned below)
  • Pen and a piece of paper

Recipe for protection jar

  • Collect all the ingredients.
  • Write clearly what you want protection from, on the piece of paper. It could be evil forces, toxic people, negative thought patterns, or mental blocks. It is important to be very clear and precise here. 
  • E.g., I am protected from toxic people. I am safe from all the negative thought patterns.
  • Place this paper along with the other ingredients and at last pour the oil. Now while putting the ingredients you need to clearly chant how each particular ingredient relates to your intention. 
  • E.g., Lavender helps me to release the stress that toxic people give me, cloves give me protection from demons, Moonstone prevents me from anxiety, and so on.
  • Close the jar and seal it with the wax. While lighting the candle, chant your intention aloud and try to feel/visualize that you are protected from that particular negative energy.

3. Place The Jar at a strategic location

You can place your jar where you spend most of your time, or your meditation room, altar, at the door, or the space where you conduct your healing sessions.

Best Herbs For Protection Jar

  1. Rosemary- protects you from bad luck.
  2. Dragon’s Blood- Protects you from psychic attacks.
  3. Frankincense- Protects you from disturbing thoughts.
  4. Mint- gives protection from a wide range of negative forces.
  5. Angelica- It summons the protective powers of the angels in your life.
  6. Cloves- Provides protection against ghosts and demons.
  7. Oak- It provides long-lasting protection.
  8. Black salt- Provides protection against negative emotions.
  9. Thyme- Protection against nightmares.
  10.  Cilantro- Protection against poverty.

Best Oils For Protection Jar

  1. Lavender oil- Protection against stress
  2. Peppermint oil- Protection against negative thoughts
  3. Sweet Orange Oil- Protection against depression
  4. Tea Tree Oil- Protection against microorganisms that causes infection
  5. Bergamot Oil- Protection against fatigue and sluggishness
  6. Sage Oil- For protection against all kinds of negative forces
  7. Ecalyptus Oil- Protection against bad moods
  8. Lemon Oil- For protection against apathy
  9. Ylang Ylang Oil- Protection against low self esteem
  10. Chamomiile- Protection against illness

Crystals For Protection Jar

  1. Clear Quartz- Protection against all types of negative energies
  2. Black Tourmaline- Protection against negative people
  3. Obsidian- Protection against frustration
  4. Black Jade- protection against toxic relationships
  5. Pyrite- Protection against harm from evil forces
  6. Smithsonite- Protection against hatred
  7. Emerald Tumble- Protection against bad vibes
  8. Ciitrine- protection against lies and miscommunication
  9. Smoky Quartz- Protection against negative thought patterns
  10.  Moonstone- Protection against anxiety

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*Note- When using herbs for protection jar, make sure that they are of dried variety. Fresh herbs will get spoilt within a few days. I personally use only dried herbs, so that they stay preserved for a longer time. 

How To Activate The Spells For Protection Spell Jar?

  1. Look for a calm and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Take the protection spell jar in your hands and feel its energy.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine a glowing light surrounding the jar, protecting it.
  4. Say the chosen spells with belief and purpose. Below I have given the PDF for the list of spells for your protection jar, which you can download.
  5. Send your own thoughts and emotions into the jar, focusing on the protection you desire.
  6. End the process by restating your intention and expressing gratitude for the protective energy.
  7. Place the activated spell jar in a location where it can emit its protective energy effectively.


Protection jar is a versatile tool and 1 jar can be used for protection against different types of negative forces.

For instance, If you want protection against let’s say poverty, toxic relationships, and fatigue. Then you can combine Cilantro, bergamot oil, and black jade in one jar.

If you feel that the effect of one jar is not strong enough then you can make a jar for each room, and one to keep in your bag when you go out. That way you will always be shielded from negative energies.

On The End Note

One thing to keep in mind is that to protect yourself from negativity only using the protection jar is not enough. It will require daily efforts from your end as well. You will also need to work on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

You may make a jar for protection against poverty, but if you hate or are jealous of rich people then the protection jar cannot create any miracles in your life. 

The protection jar in itself does not have any power. It is you who lends the power to your protection jar. You do this by deliberately making positive choices in your intentions, thoughts, habits, and attitudes.

It is you who have the power to change your life, tools like a protection jar can only add to that power. 

The Real Power Lies With You!!!

If you’re interested in an E-book that guides you on creating personalized protection spell jars for various purposes, simply let me know in the comments. I’d love to share my insights with you!

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