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Top 10 Healing Crystals & Stones for Anxiety

Healing Crystals Stones for Anxiety
Discover the power of healing crystals and stones for anxiety relief. Explore our handpicked collection of calming gemstones, each with unique properties to help soothe your mind and reduce stress. Find the perfect crystal ally to bring balance and tranquility to your life

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It might not be possible for us to gain superpowers of flying, apparating, or being indestructible like some of the famous superheroes.

But we can surely gain superpowers like supreme Self-Confidence, top-notch willpower, or unbeatable Resilience.

With the power of your mind, consistent efforts, and some help from nature you can obtain any of the internal superpowers you desire. 

For this to materialize, your mind has to be well nourished. A well-nourished mind has to be free from anxiety. When Anxiety hijacks our brain, it stops us from thinking the right thoughts, speaking the right words, and taking the right actions.

We all have the knowledge of what is the right thing for us, and what is the right step that will take us forward in life. But the feeling of anxiety subtly sucks our vital life force energy and prevents us from taking those steps or actions.

You can use Healing Crystals & Stones for Anxiety. Although there is no scientific evidence to prove that crystals have a healing effect on human beings, there are countless cases of people attributing their healing stories to crystals and stones. 

How to Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety

Just like everything in nature, crystals also possess their unique energy, but their healing energy will be ineffective if you don’t align your energy with that of your crystal.

The best way to harness the energy of the crystals successfully is by Charging them. 

There are various methods to charge them, by exposing them to the sun, or moon, placing them under cold running water or cleansing them with the smoke of organic incense. I personally feel that charging your stone with the energy of your intention works the best. 

The combination of your intentional energy with the inherent energy of the crystals creates very strong power. A potent force against which the demons like anxiety, stress, or sadness do not stand a chance.

How to Use the Power Of Intention To Charge Your Crystals

It is very easy to charge the crystals with the power of your intentions. Just hold the crystal between your palms and think or say aloud:

 “This crystal is surrounded by the divine energy of God and is charged with my pure intention to heal my Anxiety so that I can focus on living a life that is for the highest good of myself and others”

One important thing to keep in mind while charging them is that if you have any doubts regarding their healing capacity then they need to be replaced by complete faith. Only then the magic of crystals can heal your anxiety.

Difference Between Healing Stones and Crystals

Stones– are formed from minerals, and are rare and expensive.

Crystals– are made up of molecules that are arranged in geometric patterns. Crystals are found commonly in nature. For e.g., sugar, salt, and plastic are also considered a type of crystals.

Best Crystals For Anxiety

While choosing crystals for anxiety, it is crucial to consider the cause of your anxiety. The problem that makes you feel anxious, might not even be a cause of concern for others. Depending upon the situation that stirs feelings of anxiety in you, you can choose the appropriate crystal for its healing.

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6.1 Clear Quartz for Anxiety Related to Making Decisions

Do you get confused even while taking decisions like which task to do first? Or should you take that course to upskill yourself to move ahead in your career? Or something as simple as What should you eat for dinner? or something as big as Should I start my own business?

Meditating with the energy of Clear Quartz will give you mental clarity as to what is the right choice for you. Its energy will calm your mind so that you can consider your options carefully and go with the choice that is best for you. 

Jasmine incense also has the power to calm our minds. To know more about it read our blog Mindblowing Benefits Of Jasmine Incense.

6.2 Roze Quartz for Anxiety related to love life

The presence of the loving energy of the Roze Quartz in your life serves a two-fold purpose:

  • It helps you to have a loving relationship with yourself and accept yourself for all your faults, mistakes, and traumas. Love that is not egoistic but a pure and humble love that envelops all your thoughts, words, and actions with goodness about you. 
  • It melts away the anxiety that is stopping you to attract the right life partner or the barriers that prevent you to form a deeper bond with your partner. 

Add extra zing to your love life by using our Rose Incense. Read our blog 8 Benefits Of Rose Incense Sticks to learn more about it.

6.3 Citrine for Anxiety Related To Taking Actions

Often times we know what is the right step for us to live a successful life, but the confidence and motivation needed to take that action are absent. Laziness engulfs us and prevents us to come out of our comfort zone and do what is best for us. 

Charge the motivation centers in your brain and equip yourself with vigor by tapping into the energy of Citrine. It will bring zest into your life and help you slay your way toward your goals.

6.4 Jasper for Anxiety Related to Negative Energies

We all have our own definitions of negative energy. For some, it could be crimes, terrorism, or corruption happening around. For others, it could be unseen spirits or ghosts around. These negative energies make us paranoid and rob us of genuinely enjoying our life.

Arm yourself with the power of Jasper to win a battle against your negative energies. The presence of Jasper in your energy field gives a strong signal to negative entities that they have no business in your life.

To further cleanse and protect your aura read our blog Best Incense For Cleansing And Protection

6.5 Turquoise for Anxiety related to expressing yourself

We can only do justice to our talents and gifts by expressing and sharing them with the world. Be it expressing your opinions and ideas, or expressing yourself through writing, dancing, or art. It is our duty to use our talents for expressing the innate goodness that we all possess.

Fortify your aura with the might of Turquoise to overcome your apprehension of not being good enough. It will give you the power to Express yourself in your unique way, embellishing your expression with your signature touch and style. 

You can double down on your efforts to heal anxiety by sleeping in certain positions. To know more about it read our blog Best Sleeping for Anxiety.

Best Healing Stones For Anxiety

7.1 Moonstone for Anxiety Related to Mood Swing

We all have challenges in life. The emotions with which we face our challenges determine how well we overcome them. Dealing with the problems in life with anger or sadness is like adding fuel to fire. Which only makes the problem worse.

Escalate your Emotional Quotient by making Moonstone a part of your life. It will prevent your mood from plummeting when something does not go your way or when you are faced with problems or issues. The stabilizing power of the moonstone will provide a cushion for your emotions and keep them in a healthy and positive range

7.2 Emerald for Anxiety Related To Relationships

Having beautiful relationships could be one of the greatest sources of joy in our life. The people that are there in our lives are supposed to be there. So, that we can either learn from some of their good qualities, work in harmony with them to achieve common goals, share our joys and griefs with them, or help each other prosper.

Shoot your social anxiety with the arrows of the emerald energy and finish it once and forever. It will help you realize and embody the reason why each person is there in your life. Making it easy for you to tackle each relationship in a way that showcases compassion and acceptance. 

7.3 Ruby for Anxiety Related To Blocks In Creativity

There are times when we face blocks in relation to our flow of creativity. A mental fog that inhibits us from coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. When these blocks become a source of anxiety it causes problems. 

Kick out the enemies of your creativity by equipping yourself with the might of Ruby. It will tune your frequency to a high level so that it becomes easier for you to tap into the field of universal creativity and intelligence. Making it easier for you to draw ideas directly from the divine source.

7.4 Blue Sapphire for Performance Anxiety

Does performing in front of others act as a hindrance in you moving forward in your career or preventing you to showcase your talent? Even though you are well prepared, or you possess some skills that are better than others. The fear of performing cripples your overall capacity to grow in all aspects of your life.

The presence of Blue Sapphire in your energy field will weaken your performance anxiety. It will give you the power needed to display your prowess with confidence. To be comfortable in demonstrating what you bring to the table.

7.5 Amethyst For Anxiety Related To Fear Of God

It is important to have a strong connection with God. The fear that if you do something wrong, God will punish you is only a partial truth. The complete story is that god loves and accepts you unconditionally. Whatever punishment or problems we face are the results of our bad karma. It has nothing to do with God hating you. 

To welcome the unconditional love of God in your life with open arms make Amethyst your friend. It will help you form a loving relationship with God and touch all the areas of your life with divinity.

Pair your Amethyst with our Sandalwood Incense to give a boost to your spiritual quotient. To know more about it read our blog Sandalwood Incense Meaning and History.

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Best Combination Of Healing Crystals For Anxiety,

I feel that the best way to combine your crystals is by taking into account the problems you are facing. If you are facing 2 or 3 issues combine the crystals specifically designated to heal each issue. 

There are people who believe that certain crystals are not supposed to be combined together. However, I believe that when we charge our crystals with the energy of our pure intentions they work beautifully well.

Crystals are merely there to support you in your healing, but actual healing has to be done by you. You need to choose the right thoughts, right intentions, the right attitude, and the right beliefs. Without any effort from you, even the world’s strongest crystal will fail to work its magic. 

I hope this blog was helpful for you in selecting the right crystal for your anxiety. Feel to contact us in case you need any help in your healing journey. Our team would be delighted to assist you. 

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