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Good Luck Affirmations

good luck affirmations

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Are you prepared to use your ideas to attract good fortune to yourself? Transform your thoughts with these wonderful good-luck affirmations.

The idea is that ideas and self-talk are extremely important. By consciously moulding your thoughts to support you and grant you the things and life you desire, affirmations may help you achieve your goals.

A lot of individuals remark, “That’s just my luck!” However, they state it in a very unfavourable manner. Maybe they say, “Well, that’s just my luck!” when the automobile breaks down. Or they had been anticipating an event that is cancelled “That’s just my luck.”

Another thing they may remark is, “Knowing my luck that won’t happen!” when it’s what they wish to occur.

You could gain the ability to see life through rose-colored glasses and draw all kinds of positive things into your life by using these good luck mantras. It all begins with a fortunate outlook. 

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Good Luck Affirmations

  1. I am the luckiest charm in the world.
  2. By always seeing the best, I draw good luck into my life.
  3. I constantly instill strong wishes for luck in my thoughts.
  4. I make my own fortune as I go.
  5. Every day I make my own luck.
  6. I attract fortunate circumstances to myself.
  7. I look forward to good fortune at all times.
  8. I’m hoping for constant luck.
  9. I anticipate amazing things happening on a daily basis.
  10. I never settle for anything less than the finest.
  11. I hope to get lucky every single day.
  12. I get more good luck from whatever I touch.
  13. I’m getting my want in every manner.
  14. Every day, wonderful new chances enter my life.
  15. I am getting my wish!
  16. I have a wonderful way of things always turning out for the best.
  17. Amazingly, everything always seems to go in my favour.
  18. I bestow upon myself boundless good fortune today.
  19. I’m wishing for a lot of luck in my life today.
  20. Everyone I meet is blessed with wonderful fortune.
  21. I am attracting more and more luck into my life with each breath I take.
  22. I am appreciative of all the blessings in my life.
  23. I am ready for any unforeseen circumstance at all times.
  24. I have only the finest intentions for myself.
  25. People are often amazed by my excellent luck.


Are these positive affirmations for luck sending high vibrations through your body? Of course we can.

After reading this extensive list of mantras, you’ll be able to face the day with a fresh outlook, enjoying everything that comes your way and viewing it all as a gift from the cosmos.

It is a fact that our ideas, no matter how positive or negative, have the power to manifest certain outcomes in our lives when they are enough repeated. This is so because our sentiments, in turn, are influenced by our beliefs, which ultimately determine our behaviours and outcomes.

There is always a domino effect at work, which suggests that your external environment often reflects your internal environment.

Make it your objective, even if you don’t now believe in these good luck affirmations! When you genuinely believe what you are saying, affirmations work the best.

Envision yourself succeeding in whatever task you are presently pursuing. Make it a genuine occasion for you.

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