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Electric Candle Warmer Lamps – A Short Guide

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Candle Warmer Lamps are rapidly becoming popular amongst candle lovers. You must have probably heard your friend or relative discussing Electric Candle Warmer Lamp or seen them in ads or displays. 

You must be curious to know what it exactly is, and how it works. Also, your mind must be ringing with questions like how is it better than burning candles the traditional way?

If you are deliberating whether to buy one or not, then let me explain to you in detail everything about Electric Candle Warmers. It will give you a clear picture of whether you should invest in it or stick to burning your candles with an open flame.

What Is An Electric Candle Warmer Lamp

An Electric candle Warmer Lamp looks just like a regular desk lamp. It too has a curved neck and a lampshade consisting of a bulb. 

However, in a desk lamp, the bulb is meant to provide light. Whereas, in an Electric Candle Warmer Lamp, this bulb produces heat which melts the candle placed underneath it to release the fragrance and diffuse fragrance to your room. Here there is no need to burn the wick of the candle to release the fragrance.

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Candle Warmer Lamp has a wider base as compared to the desk Lamp. Just place your candle on this base and let the heat from the bulb melt the wax.

They are powered by electricity and consist of a cord that can be plugged into any standard outlet. They are not meant to be used for functional lighting purposes, because any time an Electric Candle Warmer Lamp is ON, the bulb starts to generate heat. This could either damage your Lamp or even worse cause an injury.

The market is flooded with a wide variety of Electric Candle Warmer lamps to suit all your needs and requirements. Good quality and slightly expensive ones have the option of a Dimmer and Timer.

Dimmer- It allows you to change the temperature at which you want to melt your candles. Melting at a higher temperature will give you a strong fragrance whereas if you choose a lower temperature then the fragrance will be subtle.

Timer- It gives you the option to select the number of hours you want your candle to melt. It can be a savior if you have the tendency to forget to switch off the buttons. 

They also come in various shapes and designs to match your interiors and even add to the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Alternative to a Candle Warmer Lamp

Another alternative to a Candle Warmer Lamp is Wax Melts Warmer. This too is an electrical device that consists of a heating plate and a bowl. In this, you cannot use candles with a wick, Instead, you are supposed to use Wax Melts (chunks of scented wax without a wick).

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You have to place the Wax Melts in the bowl and the heating plate will start to melt the wax from bottom to top. In the case of a Candle Warmer Lamp, the wax gets melted from top to bottom.

Advantages Of Candle Warmer Lamp Over Burning Candles

  1. When you burn candles the wax is melted at a high temperature which affects the quality of the fragrance released. Whereas in the case of a Candle Warmer Lamp, the wax is melted at an optimum temperature to release a good quality fragrance.
  1. It does not produce any soot because there is no burning of a wick.
  1. It melts Canldes at a two times slower pace as compared to burning candles, thus increasing the life span of your candles.
  1. If you use Candle Warmer Lamp, over a period of time you save a lot of money on scented candles.
  1. There is no risk of a fire hazard because there is no open flame involved.
  1. Since there is no open flame, it is safe to use around pets and kids.
  1. Sometimes, while burning wide candles the edges of the candles do not melt properly. This does not happen with a Candle Warmer Lamp. It melts the candle evenly from all sides.
  1. Can also be doubled as a beverage warmer, keep your mug beneath the bulb to keep it warm.
  1. You can leave it unattended without any risk (*only if your Candle Warmer lamp has a timer option or you will need to be alert to switch it off) 

Disadvantages of a Candle Warmer Lamp

  1. You cannot operate it without electricity.
  1. Even though there is no open flame, you still need to be careful while using it around kids or pets. It could be hot if they touch it accidentally.
  1. You don’t get the charm of a burning flame.
  1. You cannot use all the sizes and types of candles in it. Too short a candle will not melt properly. Too tall won’t fit in the lamp. Also, candles that are wider than the base of the Lamp cannot be used.
  1. You will also need to change the bulbs as and when needed, which could be a hassle.
  1. They are expensive. A good quality one’s can cost you 40$ or more. 
  1. Only candles that come in jars can be used.
  1. If you want to use more than one candle, you will need an equal number of Candle Warmer Lamps. One Lamp can only burn one candle at a time. 

Uses Of A Candle Warmer Lamp

If you love to experiment with a lot of different sizes, varieties, and types of candles then this might not be right for you.

If you have a particularly favorite scent or type of candle, which you usually stick to then this is an excellent option. 

Also for bigger rooms one candle warmer might not be enough, you will need to use two or three to get a good result.

It is ideal to use if you have a small or medium-sized room.


I hope this blog gives you clarity as to what could be the right choice for you. I would urge you to consider your priorities whether you have kids and pets or a big house and accordingly make a decision.

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