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Do Candles Last Longer On a Warmer?

Do Candles Last Longer On a Warmer
Do Candles Last Longer On a Warmer? Yes they do and here's why.

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Without igniting the flame, candle warmers bring out the perfume of a scented candle. These tools release fragrance without running the danger of leaving a candle that is lit burning unsupervised since they heat the wax. Most candle warmers heat the candle from below using an electric heating pad, while others warm the flame from above using a halogen light bulb.

A candle warmer can be a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a flameless scent solution. However, what advantages do there exist over actually lighting the candle, and which option is best for you? Do Candles Last Longer On a Warmer? We have got you covered with all the anwers to your doubts.

What is a Candle Warmer?

Without using an open flame, a candle warmer disperses the fragrance from the lit candle. They often use some sort of heat source that heats the wax to disperse the aroma, either above or below the candle. Although there are smaller battery-operated variants available, these devices often need to be plugged in since they need a heating element.

Although you can find models that employ scented wax melts, some candle warmers are made to be used with conventional scented candles.  These wax melts allow you to use fewer amounts of wax at a time so it’s easier to discard when the aroma runs out because candle warmers just melt the wax rather than burning it.

Although they have a curvy neck and a conical lamp shade, these wax warmers resemble table lamps. A candle warmer lamp has a broader base and a place for you to place your preferred candle.

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Additionally to candles burning for a longer period of time on candle warmers, burning candles from the wick is seen to be a riskier alternative. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, candles are thought to be the origin of 2% of all residential fires. There is no open flame involved with a candle warmer lamp, yet you still receive all the advantages of a scented candle.

Advantages of a Candle Warmer

No Flame: Because there is a chance of fire, burning regular candles is dangerous. In comparison to using a flame-lit candle, the electrical technique of heating a candle drastically minimises this danger, allowing the user to avoid checking or worrying about fire safety.

More effective: Flame-lit candles don’t burn completely because the wick goes out before the wax is completely consumed. Because of the lower heat, a candle warmer will melt all the wax and burn for a longer period of time.

Better Aroma: If there is no flame, smoke will not obscure the aroma. Many candle warmer models come with built-in fans, which distribute the aroma more effectively and more evenly around the space.

No Lighting Issues: Attempting to light a candle may result in difficulties. It is challenging to light a candle that is enclosed in a small container. Occasionally, the wick may have burnt down, making it challenging to ignite and finicky to connect with the flame. Candle warmers melt the stick as soon as a button is pressed.

Do Candles Last Longer On a Warmer?

Wax evaporates more quickly when a candle is lit with a flame as opposed to when it is melted by a warming bulb. In other words, melting a candle with a light or lantern can extend its lifespan by up to three times.

The next time someone asks you, “Do Candles Last Longer On a Warmer?”, yes, Candles do last longer on a warmer. 

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Good news: there are far more benefits to candle warmers than drawbacks. The lack of a warm, inviting atmosphere is the biggest drawback of utilising a candle warmer as opposed to burning it in a conventional manner. But, it does make your candle last longer.

There are several fashionable candle warmer alternatives available if you’re inclined to give one a try. If you like to keep things more conventional, feel free to do so as long as you always take good care of your candles. 

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