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Candle Warmer Lamp vs Burning Candles

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Recently, Candle Warmer Lamp is gaining popularity over burning candles with an open flame. However, Both of them have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s study them in detail so that you can choose whether to opt for a Candle Warmer Lamp or stick to burning your candles in the traditional way.

Candle Warmer Lamp VS Burning Candles

Candle Warmer LampBurning Candles
1.Melts the wax at an optimal temperature to give a good quality fragrance.Melts the wax at a high temperature, which negatively impacts the fragrance quality.
2.Since the wick is not burned, it does not produce any soot. It provides a clean candle-melting experience.It produces soot that could blacken your walls or ceiling.
3.It melts the candles at a slower pace, thus increasing the life span of your candles.Candles melt at a faster rate when burned with fire.
4.It increases the lifespan of candles up to two to three times. In the long run, you save a lot of money on scented candles. If you choose to burn your candles the traditional way, you will have to blow money on scented candles.
5.Since there is no flame, there is no risk of fire hazard.It has an open flame which could be a potential fire hazard.
6.Safe to use around pets and kidsNot safe to use around pets and kids
7.You miss out on the charm of a burning flame.Lends your space the charm of a burning flame.
8.You need an electrical outlet to operate it.You need a matchbox to burn it.
9.You cannot use all the sizes and types of candles in this.All the candles that have a wick, can be burned.
10.The bulb needs to be changed when its lifespan is over.No hassle of changing bulbs.
11.Melts the candles evenly from all sides.Sometimes in the case of wider candles, the flame might not be able to melt the periphery of the candles.
12.It can also be used to keep your beverages warm, by placing the mug beneath the lamp.Has no such advantage.
13.They are expensive, a good quality one can cost you anything from around 40$ to 100$.You can burn the candles for free.
14.If you want to use multiple candles, you will need more than one Candle Warmer Lamp.You can light as many ever candles as you want at any given time.
15.Only candles that come in a jar can be used.Any candle with a wick can be burned.
16.The candles which are wider than the base of the Candle Warmer lamp cannot be used.No such issues.
17.It is safe, even when left unattended for a short period of time.Cannot take the risk of leaving it unattended.

If you are still confused about what should be done, then consider your priorities and decide. For e.g., if you have pets or kids then it makes sense to purchase it.

If you like to experiment with different types and sizes of candles or have a large space a candle warmer lamp might not be that helpful.


I hope this table gives you a clear picture of the pros and cons of both sides and helps you to decide whether you should invest in a Candle Warmer Lamp or burn your candles the traditional way.

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