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Body Neutral Affirmations

Dive into 25 best body neutral affirmations to start your day!

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Living in a culture that promotes restrictive and repressive body standards and encourages body alteration through diets, exercise, and even surgery may make loving your physical appearance feel unattainable or difficult. However, there are other approaches that shift the focus from appreciating your looks to developing a more loving and supportive connection with your body.

Body neutrality is one of these strategies; it stresses loving and taking care of your body regardless of how you feel about the way it appears. You may improve your relationship with your body by using these affirmations that are body-neutral. 

What Is Body Neutrality?

Body neutrality is a healthier strategy for positive body image, allowing you to feel both positively and negatively about your body and allowing your feelings to fluctuate daily. This is in contrast to body positivity, which emphasises embracing and honouring your body as beautiful just the way it is.

Being body neutral allows people to feel free since they aren’t required to always feel good about their bodies. This can be challenging in light of the pervasive message of diet culture and institutionalised injustice. It’s more about understanding that a healthy body image is about more than simply positivity and about body acceptance as opposed to body positivity.

Many people have found the body neutrality movement beneficial since it meets them where they are and allows for progress. It doesn’t put any pressure on you to love or alter your physical appearance. Additionally, body neutrality recognises that your physical appearance is only one aspect of who you are—along with your personality, skills, connections, hobbies, and more.

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Body Neutral Affirmations 

  1. There are many sizes and forms for bodies.
  2. I look at my physique with no prejudice.
  3. The act of accepting my body is revolutionary.
  4. My relationship with my body is personal to me and no one else’s.
  5. My value as a person surpasses conventional notions of beauty.
  6. I like how flexible and resilient my body is.
  7. I value being able to speak with my loved ones.
  8. I can discover new trekking paths thanks to my legs. 
  9. The amazing harmony that my heart, lungs, and other organs work together to maintain in order to keep me alive and well is quite amazing.
  10. I’m appreciative of my capacity for empathy and listening.
  11. My physique helps me and makes it possible for me to have a fulfilling life.
  12. My physique is not a decoration; it is a tool to help me get by in life.
  13. I make the decision to put my health first regardless of how I feel about my appearance.
  14. There are symptoms of developing human life in my tummy. That’s not something to “bounce back” from; that’s something to celebrate. 
  15. Growing older is a blessing; it shouldn’t be hidden or undone.
  16. I’m worthy of being respected.
  17. My body is a tool, not something to be scrutinised, that I use to live my life.
  18. My physique is flexible and strong.
  19. I am appreciative of my capacity for original thought. 
  20. I’m happier pursuing my hobbies than trying to lose weight.
  21. My body helps me out with everything.
  22. My physique is not all that I am.
  23. All I need is my own approval of myself.
  24. I should be well and content.
  25. I swear to value and adore my physique.


Using affirmations to help you develop body neutrality is a good idea. You may help rewire your mind and create a healthier relationship with your body by utilising them on a regular basis. 

It is my goal that this post has inspired you to begin creating your own affirmations and applying them to your body image journey! 

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