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Blue Sage Spiritual & Medicinal Benefits (With Best Picks)

Blue Sage Spiritual & Medicinal Benefits
The spiritual and medicinal benefits of Blue Sage can help you attract an abundance of wealth, Reduce Stress, Boosts Memory, and Improve mood.

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What Is Blue Sage?

blue sage is like an ancient buddy that Native Americans used for feeling better and getting rid of bad vibes. And it’s got this cool nickname “Grandmother sage” because it’s been around the block for a while. People who are into holistic medicine and rituals still use it today.

Blue sage is mostly used for purifying and cleaning rituals.

It also gives people spiritual power and is occasionally used in exorcism ceremonies to drive out evil spirits as well.

Sage helps to eliminate up to 94% of airborne microorganisms because of its antibacterial qualities.

This holy herb is frequently used in “smudging” ceremonies, which are energy-cleaning practices. Additionally, blue sage is employed to enhance your life’s riches, wellness, success, recovery, and cooling.

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About Blue Sage

Blue sage

Blue sage is actually part of the mint family. “Salvia” is a word that was used long ago to talk about plants like sage that could help heal you. It comes from a word that means “healer.” The word “azurea” in Latin, which means “sky blue,” is used for this type of blue sage.

There are a bunch of different kinds of sage. One of them is white sage, which people in California and beekeepers often burn to help heal. Another kind is desert sage, which is used to clean and protect, and then there’s blue sage, which is used in rituals for cleaning and healing. Each kind of sage, like common, purple, blue, and black sage, has its own special things about it.

For a really long time, Native Americans and other native groups have been burning sage in their spiritual ceremonies. They do it to make a person or a place pure, help with healing, and bring insight. Even ancient Egyptians and Romans used sage to treat things like stomach problems, memory issues, and sore throats.

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Blue Sage VS White Sage

AspectBlue Sage (Salvia azurea)White Sage (Salvia apiana)
Scientific NameSalvia azureaSalvia apiana
AppearanceVibrant blue flowersSilvery-white, fuzzy leaves and flowers
Cultural SignificanceSpiritual cleansing, balance, wisdomTraditional smudging, purification, protection
Aromatherapy UseMild, pleasant fragranceStrong, distinct, herbal scent
Spiritual UseAssociated with openness, higher realmsUsed for clearing negative energies, purifying spaces
Growth HabitatPrairies, open landscapesArid regions of southwestern US
SmudgingUsed in some traditionsWidely used for smudging rituals
AvailabilityLess commonMore widely available
Traditional UseLess well-documentedLong history in indigenous practices
Energy CleansingBelieved to cleanse energiesKnown for its potent energy-clearing properties
AestheticsAttractive blue flowersIconic silver-white leaves
ScentSubtle, outdoorsy scentStrong, herbal aroma

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What Is Blue Sage Used For

  • Spiritual cleansing and purification rituals
  • Enhancing spiritual clarity and intuition
  • Connecting with higher realms and wisdom
  • Releasing negativity and fostering balance
  • Creating a calming and grounding atmosphere in aromatherapy blends

Burning Blue Sage

Blue sage and white sage belong to the Salvia officinalis plant family but have distinct uses. While white sage is commonly used in smudging rituals, blue sage serves a range of culinary and medicinal purposes.

  • Utilized in Native American smudging practices for cleansing and healing.
  • Its smoke is thought to purify the air, dispel negativity, and uplift mood.
  • Used as a seasoning in cooking and for traditional ceremonial healing.
  • Its calming aroma and “cool” qualities contribute to rituals focused on healing and abundance.
  • Blue sage smudge sticks offer an effective means to purify and protect homes from negative energies and misfortune.

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What do Blue Sage Smudge Sticks Smell Like?

Blue sage, commonly used for smudging, emits an earthy, woodsy, and slightly citrusy aroma, which some find refreshing while others consider it somewhat strong.

This scent is renowned for its relaxing and cleansing properties, making it ideal for aromatherapy.

Blue sage smudge sticks offer a pleasant fragrance that aids relaxation and concentration.

Beyond its appealing aroma, smudging is believed to confer spiritual benefits, including aura cleansing and dispelling negativity.

If you seek a method to purify your surroundings and uplift your energies, exploring smudging with blue sage could be a valuable choice.

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Blue Sage Benefits

Blue Sage Benefits

1. Spiritual

Many people use blue sage for purifying and cleaning rituals. It also gives people spiritual power and is occasionally used in exorcist ceremonies to drive out evil spirits. Being a relative of White Sage, Blue Sage is equally beneficial for rituals of healing and cleaning for crystals, household items, and your energy field.

Burning it during your connection will greatly improve your conversion life when you are meditating. If you practise rituals and manifestations, blue sage has a strong vibration of success and wealth. Blue sage can make it simpler for us to access our intuition when we are meditating.

2. Medicinal

Sage is a great herb with many beneficial medical properties. Sage is naturally anti-bacterial, which is why it is an ingredient in many cleaning products. Sage may also be used to make your own home treatments for bacterial problems.

Sage is a natural insecticide and antiseptic. As a natural deodorant and allergy repellant, white sage is frequently used to ward off allergens such as pet dander, pollution, dust, and mould.

Sage is reported to have an air-improving characteristic that affects asthmatics and those with allergies in particular, therefore a space has to be cleansed before people enter it.

3. Helps Improve Skin diseases

Dull and sensitive skin are hallmarks of the chronic inflammatory skin condition known as atopic dermatitis. It makes sense that both localised and whole-body cryotherapy can assist cure atopic dermatitis because they can both raise antioxidant levels in the blood and lower inflammation.

4. Lowers the risk of a premature Menopause 

Women, this is equivalent to a miracle. A female experiences several different stages of life during the course of her lifetime.

Numerous variables, including stress, mood swings, anxiety, and other things, contribute to early menopause. Benefits of blue sage are more beneficial to women. This is a straightforward remedy for the several causes of early menopause.

Blue sage naturally cleanses and cleanses the system from the inside out, which strengthens the immune system as well.

5. Helps in Purification 

The key to smudging’s advantages is the enticing smoke that results from burning sage. With this incense, you may smudge yourself or particular places.

Some sites claim you can also smear certain items. For brand-new purchases, presents, or used products, this is helpful. But everything may be smeared. Smudging can help you relax and make an object more sacred to you if you’re worried about it having a bad past or energy or if it’s new or strange to you. The advantage of blue Sage that is most favoured is this.

6. Reduces Stress

Sage sources have been shown to lower stress levels, improve sleep, and lower unpleasant vibrations.

Blue Sage smudge stick should be used to purify the area before moving into a new residence. It will drive out undesirable spirits and instil a cheerful atmosphere.

Start by igniting your smudge stick outside your front door. Then, begin pacing the house. Be vigilant and cautious as you carefully round the entire home in a clockwise direction. Allow the smoke to permeate even the most concealed spaces, including the inside of closets, cellars, and dim nooks.

7. Attracts Money

The result of our business activities is money, but in some cases, other elements also have an impact. 

They always sense a lack of that, so if there are any bad feelings in the house, something is to blame. 

Or maybe that is insufficient to meet their wants and ambitions. The explanation is because we are unable to think clearly in a bad atmosphere.

We spend money where it shouldn’t be spent so much on the improper stuff. Or perhaps we’re experiencing some losses since the work isn’t going smoothly. 

Blue Sage won’t give you money, but by creating the correct conditions, you’ll be able to effortlessly obtain it and put it to good use.

8. Boosts memory 

Through the decades, people have incorporated it to teas for precisely that purpose: to enhance memory. There is no indication, as per experts, that this sage piece of medication may truly help.

9. Improves Mood

Cryotherapy promotes inner tranquillity, which aids in reducing mood fluctuations. People who frequently experience mood fluctuations might benefit from this. This has no physical effects yet naturally produces the desired outcome. Actually, we are not doing anything covert in this. We can already sense the atmosphere and the sentiments.

Realistically, when we are emotionally anxious or thinking deeply, mood swings become a problem. People struggle to manage their anger and mood swings under this circumstance.

10. Can be used as a flavouring 

Crumble dried sage across a plate prior to serving improves taste. Additionally, sage may be used to lend herbaceousness to condiments,  butter, meat marinades, desserts, and breads. Fresh sage leaves provide teas and drinks with a quick herbal taste boost.

When to Use Blue Sage?

  • When you switch from using white sage, as it brings a fresh way to cleanse energies.
  • Use it to purify the energies of your crystals, giving them a new boost of positive vibes.
  • Perfect for cleansing your living spaces, like homes and offices, renewing their energy.
  • When you want to send prayers for success and well-being, blue sage can help convey your intentions.
  • Enhance your spiritual practices and meditation with blue sage’s calming energy, making your space balanced and focused.

Side Effects

  • While rare, a few individuals may be allergic to blue sage. Symptoms like breathing difficulties or skin rashes while burning could signal an allergy.
  • Blue sage generates substantial smoke when burned in rituals. This smoke can potentially lead to breathing issues. Ensure proper ventilation by opening windows. This can alleviate this concern during ceremonies or spellwork.
  • Pregnant women and newborns should limit exposure to smoky environments to avoid potential risks associated with the smoke.
  • Individuals with respiratory ailments like asthma or pneumonia should use blue sage sparingly to prevent exacerbating their condition.
  • Due to the smoke generated, precautions against fire hazards are essential. Keeping blue sage away from flammable materials like curtains minimizes the risk of fires.

Best picks

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Blue Sage essential Oil by Eternal Essence 

The cosmetic-grade Eternal Essence Oils are ideal for giving soaps, creams, and other products a uniquely fragrant touch. Everyone adores this essential oil, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers!

Goodfellow and CO No. 01 Blue Sage and Tonka Texturizing Fibre

You may easily obtain the hairdo you love using Goodfellow & Co.’s No. 01 Blue Sage and Tonka Texturizing Fiber. To keep your hair smelling amazing, it even has a slightly manly Blue Sage and Tonka perfume with zingy lime, silky sage, and hints of warm tonka, amber, and woods.

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