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Best Sleeping Positions To Reduce Anxiety

Yes, we know anxiety is something that does not let you sleep. But we do have a solution. If your anxiety holds you up at night, this can help you with that

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The ordinary adult is advised to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night, and if you aren’t constantly getting this amount, your mental health may suffer.

In many ways, sleep and mental wellness are synonymous. Consistently sleeping too little at night can impair your mood and even heighten anxiety.

If your anxiety holds you up at night, this can spiral out of control since it prevents you from sleeping and makes your anxiety worse.

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No matter what posture you sleep in, having a good, restful sleep is probably your top priority when coping with anxiety.

However, other elements, including waking up with neck or back pain, could make your anxiousness worse. In this situation, you should think about choosing a sleeping position that lowers your likelihood of experiencing pain-related anxiety triggers.

Find additional measures to improve the comfort in your bedroom, such as new bedding, a better mattress, or a pillow with added assistance, aside from changing your sleeping posture.

Best Sleeping Positions for Anxiety

1. First grab a weighted blanket 

Everybody who has trouble falling asleep can benefit greatly from using a weighted blanket, but those with insomnia or anxiety can benefit the most.

It occurs because sleeping under a thick blanket soothes the nervous system, and (it is simply my belief) it could also be because it feels similar to receiving a hug. A weighted blanket has also been shown to reduce anxiety in 63% of users, according to another research. 

And no, you won’t experience any discomfort or warmth beneath that thick blanket.

Here are a few links to several weighted blankets we think you’ll find reasonably priced:

2. Tidy up!

“How can I sleep anxiously in an untidy room?”

You’re going to have a difficult night since it’s not feasible.

Even without anxiety, it is difficult to try to fall asleep in a cluttered, pungent, and distracting environment. On the contrary, when your room is set up for that, it’s a lot simpler to relax and go to sleep.

Do a few brief, relaxing tasks before bed:

  • So that you’re not attempting to sleep in a cluttered space, tidy up a bit.
  • Let some crisp, chilly air in.
  • Utilize relaxing essential oils or incense sticks to improve the air (like lavender).
  • Put all of your electronics away at least an hour before bed.
  • For even more comfort, switch out your bed linens.
  • Grab a pleasant book ( Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker is perfect for such moments).
  • Turn on some calming music or ambient noises (I recommend getting an app on your phone and setting a timer).
  • To combat sleep anxiety, you may also use specific sleep-inducing colors in your room.
  • These items will calm the environment and get you ready for the following move

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3. Before bed, Meditate

You can learn to control your racing thoughts and let (at least some of them) go with the use of mindfulness and meditation.

I adore guided meditations as well as easy breathing exercises:

  • You only need to close your eyes and breathe softly in and out to do a simple breathing meditation. No thoughts are necessary; just attempt to focus on your breathing and feel the air entering and leaving your body. 
  • The benefits of guided meditation are extraordinary. You should frequently look for guided meditations on YouTube. In these, a calm voice will instruct you on what to envision, how to keep breathing, and what to try to imagine. It is extraordinarily calming to imagine stories or your private havens where you are completely safe, and doing so makes it much easier to fall asleep.

You can practice meditation in bed or by setting up a serene meditation space.

If meditation is not a solution for you (some people simply don’t enjoy it and that’s great), keeping a diary is another method to unwind before bed. Although we wouldn’t advise having a thought-correction session just before bed, completing a few activities that promote optimism or thankfulness may be quite helpful!

4. Try Using Incense Sticks 

sleep incense sticks

According to a new study, inhaling the aroma of roses improves sleep.

Lavender’s relaxing effects are also widely known for lulling individuals into a restful sleep.

Do give our Brahmas Lavender incense sticks a try and leave your review below. I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!

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4. Best Sleeping Position for Anxiety 

1. On your back 

Yes, your sleep posture can also have an impact on how well you sleep when you have anxiety. It turns out that lying on your back when you sleep reduces anxiety the most. According to health professionals, sleeping on your back is the most balanced position for your backbone.

Even though you might be inclined to roll onto your side, doing so might cause your muscles to stiffen up. Instead, recline on your back and do some belly breathing. It’s calming to take belly breaths, the ones where your abdomen rises and falls rather than your chest.

Every leisurely inhalation relaxes a vital Vagus nerve, a significant component of our neurological system. Your anxiousness gradually goes away as a result.

incense sleeping

People who experience stress or anxiety frequently curl up in their beds. However, this could tighten the muscles.

Get a restful night’s sleep if you struggle with stress or anxiety, according to psychologist Emma Kenny. Consider taking a warm bath with aromatherapy oils before bed.

“Relax your muscles by sleeping on your back. Allow the abdomen to expand as you breathe. Let it return to flat as you exhale.

“You should fall asleep with the aid of this calm, repetitive pattern.”

To get more help sleeping on your back, click here

2. On the Side

The preferred sleeping posture for expecting mothers is on their side, also referred to as the “fetal position.” However, this position has the potential to misalign your spine or neck, which could cause you to awaken in pain.

You can sleep better at night by placing a cushion between your knees to keep your hips aligned and prevent back pain. Even the signs of some medical disorders may be lessened if you sleep on your left side, which can help reduce anxiety.

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sleeping incense sticks

3. On the Stomach 

Although lying on your stomach may first feel pleasant, this is the worst sleeping position. Stomach napping can result in back and neck pain because it misaligns the spine and neck.

Additionally, stomach sleepers could find themselves shifting their heads side to side repeatedly to take solace, which can disrupt a night of uninterrupted sleep.

People who sleep on their stomachs may face unneeded strain on their low backs and, over time, a weakening of several affected body parts. Thus, if you want to wake up with a clear head, it might be worth skipping sleeping on your stomach.


sleeping bed

While you have the correct tools and a self-soothing mentality, sleeping well when you’re stressed is much simpler. Always keep in mind that anxiousness is a temporary condition.

It usually arrives and departs in waves. When a wave arrives, try not to swim against it. Rather, float on it till it goes away.

Remember that every anxiety attack will pass eventually. To date, you have overcome each of them.

Even if you aren’t feeling anxious, I hope these suggestions can help you obtain a good night’s sleep. Look at the positives!



Mekhala, a law student and avid reader, has a deep passion for spirituality and meditation. She finds solace in these practices, using them to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness each day. Nature, yoga, and varied spiritual pursuits captivate her outside her studies and writing. Mekhala's devotion to mindfulness enriches her blogs with inspiration and insight.

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