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Elevate Your Meditation Game: 4 Best Meditation Cushions

Best meditation cushion
Elevate your meditation experience with our expertly curated selection of the best meditation cushions. Discover unparalleled comfort and support for your mindfulness journey. Explore now and find your perfect cushion companion.

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What Is The Purpose Of Meditation Cushion?

In the world of meditation, comfort is key. And that’s where the right cushion becomes your zen buddy.

It goes without saying that meditation has many advantages. Spending some time relaxing your body and mind with mindfulness exercises can help lower stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and increase productivity. While beginning practice and maintaining it might be difficult, choosing a surface to meditate on shouldn’t be.

Those who have practiced Zen know that discomfort serves as a diversion from reflection, thus investing in a comfy chair will enhance the experience and keep you concentrated.

You might require more than simply a secluded space and solitude to benefit fully from your regular meditation practice. In order to fully concentrate on focusing your thoughts and objectives, it is crucial that your body remain properly seated as you start.

And for that reason, a meditation cushion is a crucial tool to have in your journey to connect with your higher self. Many meditation cushions are specially made to assist your body’s natural alignment and help relieve strain on your hips when sitting in the classic cross-legged contemplative stance, unlike conventional pillows and blankets that you can also use.

To make the body feel as cosy and supported as possible when sitting on a meditation cushion is one of the main reasons. The typical cross-legged sitting meditation posture known as sukhasana (easy pose) is not always feasible, especially for people with tight hips or restricted mobility.

Meditation cushions can relieve needless strain and tension, allowing the individual to concentrate more on their attentive practice and less on their pain.

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Kinds of Meditation Cushions 

1. Zafu

This “zafu,” or spherical cushion, is fashioned after a traditional Japanese meditation seat and will support your back and spine as you unwind. The pillow’s resilience prevents it from flattening out over time, and its thickness allows you to sit on it comfortably for extended periods of time. Users claim that this cushion may be used as a floor seat for hosting guests at home when it’s not being used as a meditation cushion. The lotus blossom sewn on the top represents unity, compassion, and progress to encourage your practice.

2. Zabuton 

To go with your zafu, V-shaped cushion, Zen cushion, or meditation bench, the zabuton pillow is the ideal accessory. In sitting and kneeling positions, this mini-futon cushions your knees and ankles for increased comfort.

What is the Difference Between Zafu and Zabuton?

AspectZafu CushionZabuton Cushion
ShapeRound and compactRectangular and flat
PurposeProvides elevation and supportOffers cushioning for the body
UsagePlaced on top of zafu or benchPlaced directly on the floor
SupportElevates hips for comfortableCushions knees, ankles, and
sitting posturelower body
Typical SituationsCross-legged or lotus postureVarious seated meditation poses
PortabilityCompact and easy to carryLarger, may be less portable
Combination UseOften used with zabuton or bench for added comfortOften used as a standalone cushion or with a bench

3. Meditation Bench

Meditation benches are ideal for those who prefer a kneeling posture. They offer a comfortable alternative to cross-legged sitting. The bench tilts your pelvis slightly forward, which helps maintain the natural curve of your spine. It’s especially useful for individuals with tight hips or discomfort when sitting cross-legged.

4. Crescent-Shaped Cushion

Crescent-shaped cushions are designed to support your hips and lower back. They have a curved or contoured design that helps elevate the pelvis and provides a gentle slope for your thighs. This design reduces strain on your lower back and tailbone, making it easier to maintain a comfortable and stable posture during meditation.

5. Memory Foam Cushion

Memory foam cushions are known for their ability to conform to your body’s contours, providing personalized support. They evenly distribute your weight and help reduce pressure points, making them a good choice for longer meditation sessions. These cushions often have a supportive inner core surrounded by a layer of memory foam.

6. Inflatable Cushion

Inflatable cushions are adjustable in terms of firmness. By inflating or deflating the cushion, you can customize the level of support to suit your comfort needs. They are compact and portable, making them great for meditators on the go.

7. Yoga Bolster

While primarily used in yoga, yoga bolsters are also employed as meditation cushions. They’re larger and more versatile, supporting various meditation poses. Bolsters provide cushioning for your entire body and can be especially comfortable for individuals with specific comfort requirements.

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What to look for in a Cushion for Meditation

Comfort and Support:

  • Adequate padding to ensure comfort during extended sessions.
  • Proper support for your hips, lower back, and knees.

Cushion Type:

  • Zafu cushion for elevation and hip support.
  • Zabuton cushion for cushioning under knees and ankles.
  • Meditation bench for alternative kneeling posture.


  • Natural and breathable fabrics for comfort.
  • Quality fill materials like buckwheat hulls or memory foam.

Height and Firmness:

  • Choose a height that suits your flexibility and posture.
  • Adjustable firmness options for personalized comfort.


  • Well-constructed seams and stitching for longevity.
  • Quality materials that can withstand regular use.


  • Consider the cushion’s size and weight if you need to carry it.
  • Some cushions come with handles for easy transport.


  • Removable and washable covers for cleanliness.
  • Fill materials that retain shape even after prolonged use.

Meditation Posture:

  • Choose a cushion that supports the meditation posture you prefer.
  • Zafu for cross-legged or lotus postures, bench for kneeling, etc.

Reviews and Recommendations:

  • Look for user reviews to gauge comfort and quality.
  • Seek recommendations from experienced meditators or teachers.

Personal Preference:

  • Ultimately, choose a cushion that feels most comfortable for you.
  • Try different options if possible to find the perfect fit.

Best Cushions to Buy 

Meditation cushion by Florensi

Regardless of how much you utilize this meditation cushion, which is made of buckwheat and foam, it will keep its shape. When you sit, it doesn’t sag in the middle, pushing your spine forward. As you meditate, you’ll maintain a nice posture. It has a lotus flower mandala design and is available in grey, light blue, blue, and green colours. The cover may be washed in a machine.

Buckwheat Bolster Pillow for Yoga and Meditation Cushion

Beyond lotus flower patterns, this cushion is intended for meditation. These colourful pillows contain distinctive patterns like peacocks, suns, and geometric shapes and are available in a variety of colours, from purple to green. You will find it simpler to get up off the floor and to meditate without being disturbed by an uncomfortable cushion thanks to the firm cushions.

Seat of Your Soul Cushion

Sometimes when it comes to meditation, little is more. This cushion is in perfect condition, and the round shape fits its purpose. The border of tucked fabric is lovely. According to two reviews, this is what they would buy for themselves. straightforward, solid, and uncomplicated. This fantastic product is a terrific deal at $35.87.

An Intensive Practice Deserves A Two-Piece Cushion That’s Worth The Investment- $140

Yes, it’s an investment, but if you use your meditation cushion for a sufficient amount of time each day, it will pay off. A U-shaped meditation cushion and a cosy meditation mat are included in the Awaken Higher Self package. They both have detachable, machine-washable 100% cotton coverings with supportive buckwheat and soft cotton filling. While comfort is given top priority in the design, durability is also a priority owing to the reinforced outer layers and strong zippers. You may buy this outfit in grey, orange, or purple.

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Best Meditation Cushion For Tight Hips

Selecting the right meditation cushion for tight hips can greatly enhance your meditation experience and provide the necessary support for your body. When choosing a meditation cushion for tight hips, consider factors like cushion type, height, firmness, and materials.

Here are a few options that are often recommended:

1. Zafu Cushion with Buckwheat Hulls

This is a traditional round cushion that provides height and support for your hips. You can adjust the amount of buckwheat hulls inside to achieve your desired firmness and support level.

1.1 KANYOGA Buckwheat Hulls Filled Yoga & Meditation Zafu Cushion 

1.2 NutriBuck™ Buckwheat ZAFU Meditation Cushion Filled with Buckwheat Hulls

2. Zabuton Cushion

This is a flat, rectangular cushion that provides a comfortable base for sitting during meditation. It is often used in combination with a zafu cushion. Zabutons offer cushioning for your knees and ankles, which can be beneficial if you have tight hips.

2.1 Cotton Zabuton Meditation Cushion 

2.2 Gaiam Zabuton Meditation Cushion

3. Meditation Bench

This is an alternative to floor cushions. It allows you to kneel in a comfortable posture, relieving pressure on your hips. Look for benches with ergonomic designs and padding to ensure proper support.

3.1 Mindful and Modern Folding Meditation Bench 

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4. Crescent-Shaped Cushion

This is a cushion that provides support for the hips and lower back. It often has a dip in the center to accommodate the tailbone and promote a more comfortable seated position.

4.1 Florensi Meditation Cushion – Traditional Crescent Meditation

5. Memory Foam Cushion

This is a cushion that can adapt to your body’s contours, providing personalized support. They are often designed to distribute your weight evenly, which can be particularly helpful for tight hips.

5.1 Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair 

5.2 ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion.

6. Inflatable Cushion

This is a cushion that allows you to adjust the firmness to your liking. This can be beneficial if you need varying levels of support for your tight hips. 

6.1 TravelMate Large Medium-FIRM Wellness Seat Cushion 

7. Yoga Bolster

This is a larger cushion that can provide support for your entire body, including your hips. It’s primarily used for yoga, but can also serve as a meditation cushion.

7.1 Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow

On The End Note

So there you have it – the best meditation cushions that are practically a ticket to relaxation town.

Each cushion brings its own flair to the comfort game, so whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the mindfulness scene, these cushions have your back (and hips).

It’s not just about sitting – it’s about sinking into your practice with a grin.

So, go ahead and pick your cozy companion, and let the good vibes roll in.

Happy meditating!

Your Questions Answered

How do you Sit on a Meditation Cushion?

  • Position your bottom on the front half of the Zafu cushion.
  • Bring your legs forward comfortably, crossing them in front of you.
  • Cross your legs in a way that avoids tingling, numbness, and discomfort.
  • Wiggle gently from side to side to help your hips settle naturally.
  • Tilt your pelvis slightly forward to straighten your spine.
  • Conduct a brief body scan to align hips, shoulders, and head.
  • Maintain a tall and relaxed posture throughout your meditation.

Why should I Use a Meditation Cushion?

  • Comfort: Provides a comfortable surface to sit on during extended meditation sessions.
  • Support: Elevates hips and aligns spine for better posture, reducing strain.
  • Focus: Enhances focus by minimizing physical discomfort and distractions.
  • Flexibility: Allows flexibility in choosing cross-legged or kneeling postures.
  • Joint Protection: Cushions knees and ankles, reducing pressure on joints.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Aids in maintaining a mindful and relaxed state.

What size Meditation Cushion Should I Buy?

  • Comfort: Choose a size that provides adequate cushioning and supports your body.
  • Posture: Consider the posture you prefer – cross-legged, kneeling, or another style.
  • Flexibility: If you’re less flexible, a higher cushion might be more suitable.
  • Trial: Try different sizes to find what feels most comfortable for you.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, choose a size that aligns with your body and meditation style.

Can you use any Pillow for Meditation?

Yes, you can use regular pillows for meditation, but specialized meditation cushions are designed for optimal comfort and posture support. Regular pillows might not provide the same benefits as dedicated meditation cushions.

What are Meditation Pillows Filled With?

Meditation pillows are often filled with natural materials like buckwheat hulls, kapok, or memory foam to provide comfort, support, and proper posture during meditation.

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