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What is a Yoni steam? What are the benefits of yoni steaming?

yoni steam
Discover What is Yoni steam, its benefits, how it works & Its process. Also, learn whether vaginal steaming is safe or not.

Table of Contents

What will we cover?

  1. What is Yoni steam?
  2. What are the benefits of yoni steam? 
  3. How does it work & Its process?
  4. Is vaginal steaming safe?
  5. What are the risks of Vaginal steaming?
  6. What does the doctor say about vaginal steaming?
  7. FAQs

What is a Yoni steam? 

“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for Vagina, in Hinduism, the symbol of the goddess Shakti.  

In a myth narrated in several Puranas, the body of Sati, an avatar of Shakti, is dismembered and scattered throughout India. Her yoni falls, and remains, in Assam, regarded as the home of Tantra. 

“Yoni Steam” is also known as “vaginal steaming” or “v-steaming”, practised since ancient times. 

It is a natural remedy for supporting the female reproductive organs, including the vagina, cervix, and uterus to soften and open the pores of the vaginal and vulvar skin.

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What are the benefits of Yoni steaming?

They claim vaginal steaming has been around for centuries in Asia and Africa and that this ancient practice benefits women by providing:

  1. Relief from period complaints, including cramps, heavy flow, bloating, and irregular periods
  2. Increased fertility
  3. Relief from menopause symptoms
  4. Treatment of stress and depression
  5. Faster healing after childbirth
  6. Hemorrhoid relief
  7. Treatment of fatigue and headaches
  8. A “cleansed” or “refreshed” uterus, cervix, and vagina.

What is the process of Vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming directs herb-infused steam into your vagina. For a hefty fee, some upscale spas offer the process. The process is pretty simple — you just sit or squat over a container of herbal-infused steam.

Herbs often used alone or in combination include:

  • Mugwort
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula blossom
  • Plantain
  • Red raspberry leaf 
  • Yarrow
  • Motherwort

Most spas have a special seat (Paltrow called it a “throne”) with a hole for the steam to come through. It’s a little more challenging to do at home.

Pro tip: If you’re going to experience yoni steaming for the first time & feel tensed at the spa about the process, light your favorite fragrant incense stick to relax & ease your stress.

We recommend Natural Lavender incense at such times. 

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Vaginal Steaming Ingredients

Is Vaginal steaming safe? 

Vaginal steaming is definitely not safe if you’re doing it at home. There are spas that offer V-steaming these days, which is a far better option to consider than DIY. 

There’s no scientific research to prove that vaginal steaming is safe. But your vagina is not meant to be steam cleaned as we all know that the vagina cleanses itself.

Exposing your vagina to such heat can disrupt the natural ph balance or even worse it can burn the delicate skin which is tough to cure as well.

It’s unknown how vaginal steaming impacts you or your developing baby if you’re pregnant. Some herbs may cause miscarriage. So you shouldn’t use steam or herbs on your vagina if you’re pregnant.

Vaginal steaming seat

What are the risks of vaginal steaming?

Whether you have vaginal prolapse or not, vaginal steaming can cause burns or scald to the delicate skin in and around the vagina, doctors warn.

Other risks of using herb-infused, steaming water include:

  • Upsetting the bacterial and pH balance in the vagina can lead to irritation and infections, such as yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and thrush.
  • Potential miscarriage if a woman is pregnant. Researchers warn that some herbs can cause miscarriage, and point out they don’t know how steaming could affect either the pregnant woman or her baby.

Pro tip: Make sure you do your research to know which herb is suitable for your vaginal issues. 

What do the doctors say about vaginal steaming?

Vaginal steaming has been around for ages, the Kansas City-based physician cautions: “don’t try this at home.”

There is no scientific evidence to support vaginal steaming. In general, the vagina does not require “cleaning.” In fact, other practices like douching—which also has been promoted in the past for vaginal cleansing—have long been discouraged. Since the vagina is designed to host a particular array of bacteria, vaginal cleansing can alter this normal balance and may theoretically increase one’s risk of vaginal infections. For that reason, gynecologists do not routinely recommend this practice.

— by Hope Ricciotti, M.D., and Hye-Chun Hur, M.D., M.P.H.


1. How much does vaginal steaming cost?

The V-Steam is $100 and includes a medical consultation for the initial treatment. Services afterwards will cost $75. The cost may differ according to your location. 

2. Where Can You Get It?

You can book The Vaginal steam treatment at the VSpot MediSpa in New York City or find similar services where you live. Always consult with your doctor before starting such a treatment.

3. Does yoni steam help with fertility?

Mayan healers and midwives used yoni steams or bajos to provide effective support for the female reproductive system, helping to improve fertility. Yoni steaming is a highly effective treatment to help improve fertility, it is also very simple & inexpensive.

4. Does Yoni steam regulate periods?

The Yoni Steam is highly recommended for irregular periods or women who haven’t seen their period for a while too. Usually, after 3-5 steams your period should become regular and less painful.

5. Can I Yoni Steam With an IUD?

There’s much debate about whether women with IUDs should steam or not. The main concern is that the medicinal herbs could cause the uterus to contract, which could potentially cause problems with the placement of the IUD. That being said, some people with IUDs still steam and find it to be beneficial. Talk to a trained practitioner to learn more and see if steaming would be a good option for you.

6. Can I yoni steam while menstruating?

Do NOT steam when you are actively bleeding. You can however steam the day after the last day of your period to help move out any remaining blood. Steaming in the week leading up to your period can help with cramps and other menstrual complaints. But never steam when you’re actively menstruating. If you are prone to heavy bleeding, it is recommended to wait to steam until your cycle is more regulated, as steaming increases circulation to the pelvis, which could result in more bleeding.

7. How long after birth should I wait to steam?

We recommend waiting until you are no longer bleeding before doing yoni steam. Spotting, with dark-coloured blood, is okay. Obviously, in cases of extreme bleeding or haemorrhaging, yoni steam would be contraindicated. There is no point at which it is too late, as you will receive the benefits any time you decide to steam. Women who choose to do their first steam 4 or more months after giving birth often report getting their first cycle, even while still breastfeeding.

8. Will yoni steaming increase my sex drive?

Yes, yoni steaming can definitely increase sex drive! On an emotional level, yoni steaming supports us to cultivate a profound sense of self-love and increases our self-confidence (especially as it relates to our yonis!), which has great implications for a woman’s sex life. On the physical level, yoni steaming increases circulation and increases lubrication, which is clearly great for the libido and sex life as well. In fact, the very act of steaming is slightly arousing, which helps us get turned on!

Have you ever tried v-steaming yourself? 

Do share your experience below. 

NOTE: This is an informative blog put together by our team. Please ensure you consult an expert before trying this yourself or on someone else.

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