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Bath and Body Works Candle Warmer | Unbiased Review

Review of the best selling Bath and Body Works Candle: Their pros, cons and the best features to help you choose a good candle!

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Treating our fatigued senses to the aroma of our favorite scented candle is one of the best feelings for some of us, or you might just love the smell of scented candles permeating every corner of your room.

Your reason for lighting a candle could be different but once you fall in love with scented candles, then it remains constant and unfaltering.

One of the top brands for scented candles is Bath and Body Works Candle. The Bath and Body Works Candles are known for their strong fragrances. With over 50 fragrances to their name, you are bound to find a few of them that make your olfactory senses dance with joy.

Fig. 1: 3-wick Bath and Body Works Candle (Left) and Single-wick Candle (Right)

Their 3-wick candles can last up to 45 hours and the fragrance is pretty intense to fill every corner of your room.

They also have single-wick candles to suffuse the aroma in smaller rooms, kitchens, or washrooms.

Their other products include skincare, deodorants, perfume, cologne, air fresheners, soaps, and sanitizers.

I would also like to throw light on the best way to optimize the fragrance of your favorite scented candle by using candle warmers. They are an instrument designed to release the aroma of the candle at the perfect temperature, which increases the intensity of the fragrance. Thus giving you an enhanced scented candle experience, as compared to burning them with an open flame.

First, let us look at some of the best-selling candles from Bath and Body Works, and then we can hop on to the details of candle warmers.

Product Review: Bath and Body Works Candle

1. Mahogany Teakwood Intense 3-Wick Candle

Fig. 2: Mahogany Teakwood Intense 3-Wick Bath and Body Works Candle

If you want your candle to mask unpleasant odors in your room then this is the perfect match for you.

Product details

ColorBlack, silver
Product Dimensions3” W X 4” H
Operating time 45 hours
Special featurefrosted
Material type freeLead-free
Item weight14.5 ounces


  • It is their strongest-smelling scented candle.
  • The fragrance has masculine overtones.


  • The smell lingers for a long time.
  • Excellent to mask strong odors. 
  • Very handy if you have not got the time to clean the house but want it to smell good.


  • Not everyone likes its strong masculine scent.

Note: Sometimes the prices of their candles are cheaper on Amazon and sometimes they are cheaper in their online store. I have given both the links below so that you can compare and buy from the place where it is cheaper.

2. Eucalyptus Tea 3-wick Candle

Fig. 3: Eucalyptus Tea 3-wick Bath and Body Works Candle

If you are into aromatherapy then this fragrance is ideal for releasing your stress after a hectic day at work.

Product details

Weight 14.5 ounces
Material wax
Special uses Aromatherapy
Package dimensions‎6.14 x 5.87 x 5.55 inches
Special featuresClean burn


  • Helps to calm down the jangled nerves and clears your mind.
  • The fragrance quality is consistent from beginning to end.


  • Smells great and also helps to relieve stress.
  • Uses Eucalyptus oil that has anti-microbial properties that cleanse and purifies the air from unwanted micro-organisms.


The product details on amazon say the material used is wax, so we cannot be 100% sure that it is made up of soy wax. There could be traces of paraffin wax too.

3. Black Cherry Merlot 3-wick Candle

Fig. 4: Black Cherry Merlot 3-wick Bath and Body Works Candle

If like me you, also love light and fruity smells you should definitely try this!

Product details

Product Dimensions4.33″W x 3.94″H
Item weight14.5 Ounces
Material wax
Special featureScented


  • The fragrance consists of Wild Black Cherries, Velvety Red Wine, Juicy Red Raspberries, and Bright Plums.
  • Made with natural essential oils.


  • The smell lingers even after the candle is diffused.
  • Packaging is attractive.
  • Although the fragrance is light and fruity still gives you the impression of being deep and rich.
  • The smell is quite sophisticated and is great to use for dinner parties.


  • When ordered through Amazon many customers received damaged products.

*Note- The smell of candles may vary from batch to batch or if the company decides to tweak its scent intentionally by taking into account the feedback of the customers.


If you prefer candles that are free or have relatively fewer chemicals, then keep in mind that all the Bath and Body Works products are made up of tons of harmful chemicals. The company has never openly admitted that its products are ethical and sustainable. You can read more about it here. I personally would rather opt for healthier alternatives.

Alternatives for Bath and Body Works Candle

With so much emphasis on using eco-friendly products to save our ecosystem, coupled with awareness about the harmful consequences of products rich in chemicals. I would rather prefer candles that are healthy for the environment as well as our lungs. Below I have listed two of them.

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  1. Prosperity candle– Their candles are made from soy and other natural ingredients. Made by women refugees in the U.S. They are hand-poured and come in beautiful packaging. They do not have a strong fragrance.
  2. Nourish and refine– Although they don’t have much variety in candles, all their products are made from 5 ingredients or less. Although their scent throw is weak, they are excellent if you are into Aromatherapy.

Let’s Talk About Candle Warmers

The best way to make your candle release its fragrance at the perfect temperature is through candle warmers. It has successfully overcome many drawbacks of the traditional candle-burning practice:

  • Cutting down the risk of fire hazards.
  • Safe to use around pets and kids.
  • The temperature of the candle warmers is designed to release the aroma optimally. In contrast, burning candles melt the wax at a higher temperature, which negatively impacts the fragrance’s quality.
  • The candles last up to 3 times longer as compared to burning them.
  • No soot is released which damages or causes the yellowing of the wall.


What is a Candle Warmer?

A candle warmer typically consists of a light bulb at the top that releases heat. At the bottom, there is a place to put the scented candle, the heat from the bulb falls on the candle and gradually melts the wax to release the fragrance.

The candle warmer can either be battery-operated or has a plug with a cord that is supposed to be attached to the switchboard.

What Are the Types of Candle Warmers

There are two types of candle warmers. 

Candle Warmer Lamps 

  • They look like regular table lamps and are designed for using larger candles. 
  • To know more about them read our blog on candle warmer lamps.

Candle Warmer Lanterns

  • They look like lanterns i.e., partially or fully covered from the sides and top, and suitable for small to medium-sized candles.
  • To know more about them read our blog on candle-warmer lanterns.

What is The Alternative to Candle Warmers

A good alternative to a candle warmer is a wax melt warmer.

  • It basically uses chunks of scented wax melts without wicks, instead of scented candles.
  • It usually has a heating plate at the bottom to melt the wax from down to the top, rather than burning from top to bottom as is the case with candle warmers.
  • It gives you the opportunity to mix fragrances by putting more than one fragrance of wax melts. 
  • They are comparatively cheaper than candle warmers.
  • To learn more about wax melts warmer read our blog about it.

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