Are candle warmer lamps safe?

Are Candle warmer lamps safe?

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Candle warmer lamps often referred to as candle-warmer lanterns, are made to melt wax from jar candles without the need for an open flame by employing a warming plate or light bulb. Although they might be a safer option than using candles, it’s crucial to utilise them correctly to guarantee safety.

How to use Candle Warmers lamps safely

Generally, if handled properly, candle warmer lamps may be regarded as safe. The following are a few safety recommendations for handling a candle warmer lamp:

1. Always adhere to the usage guidelines provided by the producer.

2. Never keep a candle warmer light on while someone is around to see it.

3. Keep combustible items, such as drapes, paper, and other home accents, far from the candle warmer lamp.

4. Always use jar candles made for candle warmer lamps.

5. A broken or jar-cracked candle should not be used with a candle warmer light.

6. Keep kids and animals away from the candle warmer light.

7. Avoid touching the candle warmer lamp’s warming plate or light bulb while it is in use or just after use since they might get hot.

8. While not in use, always switch off the candle warmer bulb and disconnect it from the socket.

9. You may enjoy a candle warmer lamp without harming yourself or others if you heed this safety advice.

If you follow the above instructions properly, then it is safe to say that candle warmers are actually safe to use. 

Milan Sony

Milan Sony

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