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5 Best Yoga Mat Holder [BUYER GUIDE 2023]

yoga mat holder
Confused about which yoga mat holder to get? Here is a detailed guide that will help you!

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The increase in the popularity of yoga over the years has resulted in the rise of various accessories related to it.

Till now, yoga mats, yoga clothes or yoga bags were the must-have items for people in love with yoga. However, over recent years, yoga mat holder is the newest addition to the list of yoga enthusiasts.

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Two Types Of Yoga Mat Holders

2.1. Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount

A yoga mat holder wall mount is used for storing the mats for your mini gym at home or if you run a yoga studio, you can fit a bunch of wall mounts on your wall to stow the mats for your students.

2.2. Yoga Mat Holder Strap

Fig. 2.2: Yoga Mat Holder Strap

A yoga mat holder strap makes it convenient for you to secure the rolled mat tight and sling it over your shoulder. Making it easy for us to carry the mat from our home to the yoga studio or gym. You can also use it for your yoga stretches.

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Why Do You Require a Yoga Mat Holder?

A yoga mat holder strap makes it easy for us to carry the yoga mat from one place to another.

Whether you prefer walking or jogging to your yoga studio or local gym, a yoga mat holder strap helps you to hang it on the shoulder so that your hands can be free.

If you use a two-wheeler or a cycle, you can use the strap to tie it at the back of the small handle at the rear end of your vehicle.

If you run a yoga studio or gym, or you work out in your mini home gym, you should consider attaching a yoga mat holder wall mount, for the following reasons:

  • It saves space on the floor and your exercise area looks neat and organized.
  • If you have pets in your house they cannot reach that high to chew your yoga mat.
  • Most racks come with the option of storing your other gym types of exercise equipment as well.

Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount

Below is a list of some of the yoga mat holder wall mounts that you can purchase from amazon:

4.1. Yoga Mat Storage Rack by Wallniture Moduwine 

Fig. 4.1: Yoga Mat Storage Rack by Wallniture Moduwine 

Product details

Item weight4.25 pounds


  • Save your precious floor space at your small home gym setup or yoga studio.
  • Offers the best and simplest way to keep your pilates & yoga mats, and gym mats neat and off the floor.
  • The bottom hooks make it easy to organize yoga accessories or equipment.
  • The high-quality screws, anchors and mini level included in the package makes hanging quick and easy.
  • It can also be used as a bath and hand towel holder for bathroom storage, hanging wine rack, or blanket rack.


  •  It is sturdy and made up of good-quality materials.     
  • The instructions are easy to follow and do not take much time to attach them to the walls.
  • The design looks good and does not stick out a lot from the wall.


  • Does not have enough space for foam-based yoga mats.

4.2. Yoga Mat Storage Rack by Haocute 

Fig. 4.2: Yoga Mat Storage Rack by Haocute 

Product details

Weight holding capacity20 lbs


  • It can be adjusted to whatever distance, according to your equipment like a yoga mat, yoga blocks, resistant band, and foam roller.
  • 0.8″ wide Hooks are perfect for yoga mats with 1” eyelets inner diameter for all other equipment.
  • Made of 2.5mm thick steel and have a smooth matte black powder finish.  
  • Easy to install onto the wall. All you need is a drill and it gets installed in 5 minutes.
  • Install hardware included in the package: 8 x screws,8 x anchors. 4 pcs mat hooks.
  • If you are not satisfied with our product, contact them on Amazon for a replacement or refund.


  • Wide enough to hold foam yoga mats.
  • Can hold heavy objects.


  • You cannot store a lot of stuff on it as compared to other products available.

4.3.  5-Tiers Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount by MRZZATA 

Fig. 4.3: 5-Tiers Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount by MRZZATA 

Product details

Product Dimensions35.83” L x 7.09” W x 7.09’ Th


  • It holds up to 5 yoga mats or foam rollers and hangs over 10+ stretch straps.
  • The base bracket and each support rack are made thicker and stronger to carry more weight while maintaining stability. 
  • The 5-tier storage rack can hold a variety of yoga accessories.
  • Comes with a quick installation guide, 8 x long screws, and 8 x expansion nails,
  • Each metal piece is packed in a foam bag to prevent paint peeling, ensuring you get the perfect product. 


  • It is reasonably priced and can store a wide variety of yoga and exercise equipment. 


  • It is not designed to hold heavy objects.

4.4. Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount by Aconfei 

Fig. 4.4: Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount by Aconfei 

Product details

ColourDark Grey
Product Dimensions6″ L x 3″ W x 15″ Th


  • The yoga mat holder consists of a wooden floating shelf, a cloth yoga mat holder, and four stainless steel hooks that contain multiple types of storage units.
  • The yoga mat hanger has three different perimeter pockets of 29.13 In, 27.56 In, and 25.98 In.
  • The wooden floating shelf is made of solid wood, and the cloth yoga mat hanger is made of natural linen, precision stitched.
  • 1x wooden floating shelf, 1x cloth yoga mat holder, 4 x stainless steel hooks, 4 x drywall anchors, and 4 x drywall screws.


  • Got great reviews on Amazon from all the customers.

4.5. Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount by UMINEUX

Fig. 4.5. Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount by UMINEUX

Product details

Material Metal


  • It has three slots that can accommodate three yoga mats or foam rollers and also has three hooks for towels, straps, yoga bags or other items you want to hang.
  • It is made of carbon steel, and the paint of the yoga mat holder is treated with a special process, so it will not peel off easily and will not affect its appearance and use.
  • It comes with all necessary mounting hardware and clear instruction and can be easily put together in minutes.


  • It comes with a screwdriver.
  • Pocket friendly.


  • Cannot hold heavy equipment.

How To Choose a Suitable Yoga Mat Holder?

If you use a foam-based yoga mat holder, Pick up one which is wide enough to accommodate the huge size of the foam mat. There are certain mat holders which do not have the space to fit their size, so check the product details and select. I would recommend Aconfei Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount for storing foam mats.

Most yoga mat holders are not designed to store heavy objects, however, if you want to use them for heavy objects you can check out the Haocute yoga mat storage rack

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