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3 Negative Energy Cleansing Incense Fragrances

These 3 Negative Energy Cleansing Incense will clear the negative energy and lighten your emotional baggage

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If you have been feeling uninspired, lazy, or otherwise “off,” a fast ritual is also simply what you wish to take any unwanted energy within the air around you. 

We spend a lot of our time at our house wherever we tend to feel safest and most secure, therefore it’s no surprise we tend to unload tons of our emotional baggage among its walls. 

Experiences of obtaining stunning news, a family argument, feeling afraid or helpless, and different times we have a giant emotional expertise will linger.

I’m going to be sharing with you guys the renaissance that you can use to clear away negative energy. I’m going to be specifically talking about and concentrating on incense sticks just because they’re very, very easy. They’re convenient, and they work. 

But let’s first talk about the reasons you should cleanse your space & get rid of negative energies.

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Reasons you need to cleanse your space. 

  1. You have been noticing a lot of “negative energy” around you.
  2. You have been feeling like you’re at a “low vibration”.
  3. Just things around you seem a “little bit dull”
  4. Things around you just seem “stagnant”
  5. People are “fighting” too much around your home. 
  6.  You’re feeling “extremely lazy”, you don’t have any inspiration. 

Any of these things can be like a buildup of negative energy. Light incense every single day to clear out and push away these energies. I want to share with you all negative energy cleansing incense sticks today.

3 negative energy cleansing incense Fragrances

1. Camphor

What it smells like: 

The fragrance of camphor incense sticks is strong, astringent-like.

When you should burn camphor:

If you are sick or if you have a cold, for instance, it will make you feel so much better. It’s such a cozy, comforting fragrance when you’re not feeling good or when you’re sick.

Just The smell of it will open your nasal passages. It’s so soothing and calming. 

Note that camphor is a very powerful incense, It has a powerful scent that is very protective and clears away negative energy super fast. 

It’s very popular in Hindu religious ceremonies. Camphor is also very healing for the mind. It cleanses the area around you. 

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How camphor helps:

Camphor pushes away any negativity around you and any negativity in your house, in the rooms where you burn it, you can feel the energy shift as soon as you burn it, it just vanishes away. 

If you believe in negative energies, negative spirits, negative entities, negative thoughts, anything, anything negative camphor can be really beneficial in burning.

2. Loban or benzoin

What it smells like: 

They just smell very authentic and true to the scent and true to the herb lupine or benzoin has a very vanilla woodsy scent with a lot of vanilla undertones. 

When you should burn loban:

If you feel like there’s a negative energy inside the home or somebody is just too negative where they’re fighting with everybody all the time, Loban should be burned in the home, especially in the bedroom of the person. 

It’s really good for the mind as well as to drive away evil and negative forces. 

This is an incense that the scent & the vibrations of it makes uninhabitable and unlivable for negative energies to stay at your place. So it not only pushes it away, but it makes it unlivable for them. 

How Loban helps:

It’s very calming and grounding and it’s very protective. It dispels feelings of anger and depression. And it also clears your mind. It also gives a lot of uplifting vibrations to the area where you burn loban or benzoin.

 It is also very good for creativity, concentration, and focus. 

There are a lot of people out there that believe that they’ve been cursed or that somebody has placed an evil eye on them. 

If you do feel like that, then Loban is a really great incense to burn because it will push away those feelings you have in any of those kinds of energies that may be around you. 

3. Dragon’s Blood

What it smells like: 

They smell almost like men’s cologne. It has a very strong smell like cologne or perfume. 

When you should burn Dragon’s blood:

This is a really good incense to protect love. If you feel like there’s negativity in your love life, then Dragon’s blood is so amazing to burn in your bedroom or even your whole house.

It’s really protective and cleansing for love and relationships. 

How Dragon’s blood helps:

Dragon’s blood is very protective and it purifies the air, cleanses the air and it’s very powerful. It cleanses the air in your home. And wherever you burn it, it also gets rid of negative energy wherever you burn it.

It is something that not only gets rid of negative energy, the negative forces, but it also is really good for attracting things to you that you want. 

So it clears away what you don’t want and brings to you what you do want. 

Mix & Match all three.

Now, the good thing about using these three incense is that you can mix and match or you can use all three of them together. 

You can use them separately so you don’t have to use just one.

They all help to clear away negative energies, negative spirits, negative forces, and negative thoughts, anything that is holding you back. 

It helps to push the energy so that you’re moving forward. And you also feel a little bit of a shift in the energies around you. 

I hope this article has helped you. If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them below and I will do my best to answer them.

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