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15 Gifts for Meditation Lovers To Practice Mindfulness

Gifts for meditattion lovers
Explore our best picks, that any meditation lover will be thrilled to receive. These carefully selected gifts are meant to enhance their meditation practice as well as add value and meaning to their life.

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If you are someone who loves to give gifts that add value to the recipient’s life then keep on reading. A gift that is bought keeping the recipient’s personality in mind is well appreciated by the receiver. Also, higher chances of it not ending up in their pile of unused items or even worse, being gifted to someone else.

People who are into meditation prefer gifts that uplift their spirits and help them maintain their state of equilibrium and calm. So it only makes sense to pick those that will help us serve that purpose.

Choosing A Meditation Gift

While choosing a gift try to look for products that are natural and organic. Meditation lovers are not big fans of products that are laden with chemicals. You could also choose gifts that involve activity and enables them to be mindful like a zen garden or a journal. 

Even gifts that induce a calm state of mind like essential oils or indoor plants will be appreciated by a meditation lover. 

Below is the list of 30 gifts that are carefully chosen you can pick any one and it will surely add value to the recipient’s life. 

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Best Gifts For Meditation Lovers

1. Breathing Necklace To Release Anxiety

This Stainless Steel pendant is 2” long. Inhaling through this necklace will slow down your breathing process, which in turn will calm your mind. Using this necklace for a few minutes every day will effectively make you more focused and relieve anxiety. It comes in two colors Black and Silver.

2. Tibetan Singing Bowl For Soul Soothing Sound

This singing bowl is hand hammered by the artisans at the foot of the Himalayas. It creates a sound that is emotionally calming and healing. Using this bowl creates a perfect setting for deep meditation, creative thinking, and tuning into your intuition. The tones emanating from this create energy medicine that promotes spiritual, mental, and physical healing. 

3. Eucalyptus Incense For Mental clarity

The fragrance of Eucalyptus Incense will instantly lift your mood and make you feel refreshed. It also helps you breathe better and deeper by clearing your lungs. These sticks are made up of 100% natural and organic raw materials like Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs, Recycled Flowers, pure Essential Oils, natural Resins, and wood. They are hand rolled by Indian women artisans. They give excellent results when used with yoga or meditation practice.

4. Journal For Gratitude And Mindfulness

This journal is specifically crafted for filling your life with positivity. It gives you the platform to start your day with appreciation and end it with deep reflection. This journal is full of prompts such as weekly challenges, daily highlights, motivational quotes, affirmations, and self-reflection. Using this journal will help you to form a deep bond with yourself. 

5. Himalayan Salt Lamp for a Warm and Cozy Atmosphere

This salt lamp is made from salt crystals that are mined from the Himalayan mountains. The base of the Lamp is made up of wood from the neem trees. When switched ON, this lamp fills up the space with a beautiful Amber glow. The lamp has a dimmer option so that you can control the brightness.

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6. Essential Oil To Calm The Nerves

The set contains 8 bottles of essential oils that include Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree oil, Rosemary Oil, Orange oil, stress relief, and sleep blends. The aroma of each oil has unique properties which range from relaxing the mind, releasing stress, inducing calm, aiding in sleep, and better breathing.

7. Herbal Tea Growing Kit For Rejuvenation

Make your own herbal tea straight from your home garden. The kit comes with the seeds of Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon balm, and peppermint. This product comes with detailed instructions and instructional videos explaining each step. The kit comes with high-quality, germination-tested seeds.

8. Smudging Kit For Cleansing The Energy Of Home

The product consists of white Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone and Stand, Smudge Feather, and a guide. It is beautifully packed and uses only high-quality sage grown in the mountains of California. Everything about it is recyclable including the packaging. It is an ideal gift for a meditation lover.

9. Zen Garden For Mindfulness

This garden perfectly captures the Japanese concept of Kanso which means simplicity. It adds a touch of nature to where ever it is placed be it a workspace or home. This product comes with river stones, white sand, a Japanese tower and bridge, and bamboo rake accessories. It is perfect for enhancing the decor and fills the space with calming energy.

10. Chakra Stones For Energy Healing

This product comes with 8 polished Chakra stones encased in a beautiful wooden treasure chest. The healing energy from the stones will help meditation lovers to strengthen their minds, body, and soul. 

11. Bath Salts For Aromatherapy

This product comes with three fragrances that include Lavender, Coconut, and Vanilla. It is an excellent scrub for exfoliating dead skin and making it smooth and soft. These sea salts are enriched with the goodness of essential oils and replenish the skin with vital nutrients. 

12. Book That Teaches The Art Of Breathing

In this book, the author James Nestor has explained thousands of years of experiments and research in breathing and has presented them in an interesting and easy-to-read manner. This book does an excellent job of teaching how to breathe properly to improve the health of our brain and overall well-being. 

13. Cards For Mindful Messages 

This deck of 52 cards provides perfect therapy to relax the mind. Each card comes with a positive message which will support and encourage the reader to take steps toward personal development. They are designed to instill positivity and uplift the spirit. 

14. Meditation Cushion for Comfortable Meditation

This cushion is filled with Buckwheat hulls which provides a good balance of pliability and firmness. It reduces the risk of numb limbs and relieves stress on joints. It comes in 6 colors and 2 sizes. It provides optimal alignment of the spine and can be machine-washed.

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15. 100% Soy Candle For Aromatherapy

This candle is made up of 100% soy and all the raw materials used in making it are made in the USA. This candle is vegan, dye-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. The aroma has notes of sugar, butter, fresh pumpkin, and bakery spices. It also contains essential oils, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


The joy of gifting someone a meaningful gift that will add value to their life is one of the most beautiful experiences. Pick up any of these gifts for a meditation lover and It will surely be appreciated by them and enrich their meditation practice. 

I hope you found this blog helpful in finding the perfect gift for your meditation lover friend, relative, or someone whom you love dearly.

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