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10 BEST Wax Melts Warmer that Meets All Your Requirements

Candle Warmers
Everything you need to know about candle warmers, how they work, their advantages, different types, and the best ones to buy.

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We all have our definitions of happiness. For some of us, it is treating our olfactory senses with our favorite scented candle. The aroma of which steadily fills up our space. Deriving pleasure from our favourite fragrance is one of the best feelings in the world.

In modern times when the market is flooded with new inventions designed to ease our life and enhance our experiences, the scented candle industry is not far behind. The introduction of wax melt warmers has successfully encountered many problems faced by traditional candle-burning practices.

What exactly wax melts warmers are and how do they work?

Wax melt warmers are electric devices used to melt scented wax and gently release its aroma into the air.

While most wax warmers are designed to use both candles as well as wax melts. There are many which are more suitable for wax melts. Wax melts are chunks of wax without the wick that is present in candles.

Most wax warmers usually consist of two components:

a) A heating source

The heating source could be either a light bulb or a hot plate which when heated melts the wax.

b) A bowl

Where you can place wax melts or scented candles.

ADVANTAGES of the wax melt warmer

1. Prolongs the shelf life of the candle wax

Since the wax melt warmers melt the wax at a lower temperature the melting process is up to 5 times slower than burning them with a fire which melts the wax at a greater speed.

So with just a one-time investment in a good quality wax melt warmer, you can save 5 times the money on scented candle wax for many years. This makes it economically sound.

2. Enhances the aroma of the scented wax

Wax warmers are designed to melt wax at a perfect temperature that is specifically meant to release the aroma optimally. Whereas the fire burns the candle at a high temperature which compromises the aromatic quality of the candle.

In the olden days, candles were meant to provide light and warmth and not meant to diffuse the aroma in space. If your aim is to bask in the aroma of the candles, wax melts warmer is a sensible option.

3. Cuts down the risk of fire hazards

Since there is no open flame involved, it is safe to use around kids and pets.

4. Maintains the aesthetics of the house

Burning the candles releases soot which could blacken the walls and if you live in a rented house the damage to the property could burn a hole in your pocket. Many wax melt warmers are stylishly designed which rather adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house.

5. Convenient to clean

Wax melt warmers are easy to clean, when all the wax in the bowl is melted you can remove the molten wax and wipe the bowl with a soft cloth. You can also reuse the molten wax, just pour them into molds and add your favorite essential oils or any other fragrance, set it to be used for next time.

6. Provides an opportunity to mix fragrances

You can melt two different scented wax melts at the same time and fill your room with an entirely new fragrance of your own.

CAUTION– Traditional candles are made up of paraffin wax that releases harmful chemicals in the air some of which are carcinogenic (that which causes cancer) and could be detrimental to your family’s and pets’ health.

Check the label carefully and Instead opt for soy wax melts, they are eco-friendly and safe to use.

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What to look for in a good QUALITY wax melt warmer that meets your needs

1. The material of the body

Wax melts warmers come in a variety of materials like plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass. I would suggest that if your budget allows opting for ceramic ones because ceramics have a high melting point, which means the body of the wax melts warmer and does not become hot even if it is hot from the inside.

2. Heating source 

You can either opt for the light bulb or hot plate variety depending upon your preference for whether you use scented candles or wax melts. If you love using candles then go for a hot plate variety because it is designed to fit in large candles.

If you use wax melts you should use the wax warmer with a bulb. Along with releasing the fragrance they also give a soft glow. They come in a wide variety of designs to choose from. The only drawback here is that in most warmers once the bulb is out it needs to be changed.

Types of wax melt warmer

There are two types of wax melt warmers:

1. Pluggable ones-

They are smaller in size and have a heating bowl attached to the top and as the name suggests they are directly attached to the switchboard.

One of the drawbacks of this is that because of its small size it takes a longer time to release the fragrance. Also if too many wax melts are added, then it could overflow. It is good if you want to spread fragrance to a smaller room.

2. Corded ones-

They are more common and consist of a long cord. It could fit in relatively larger wax melts or large candles.


There are tons of candle warmers on the market, I have narrowed down a few depending on your need, preference, and requirements.

1. Pocket-friendly pluggable fragrance warmer

If you are looking for something affordable then this product from CANDLE WARMERS ETC is the best bet for you. It is ideal to add fragrance in small rooms.


  • They can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base,
  • I year warranty.
  • The plug is compatible with 3-prong US outlets and is 15 watts.
  • Made up of porcelain so the body of the warmer does not become hot.

2. Multi-purpose candle, wax, and mug warmer

If you are the types who love to drink warm tea or coffee while working, this Home X product is a wise choice. It can be used to melt candles as well as keep your beverage warm.


  • It is sleek, lightweight, and portable and can be easily carried.
  • Its 3.5’’ diameter makes it compatible to use large candle jars.
  • It releases the fragrance at a slow pace, if you prefer your candle to subtly diffuse aroma into your space then this is the right product for you.

3. Two-in-one candle and wax melt warmer

If you are looking for a wax warmer that melts scented candles and wax melts both, this product from CANDLE WARMERS ETC is the best option for you. It comes in 12 different varieties.


  • Consists of a 4’’ diameter warming plate for candles on which a candle jar can directly be placed.
  • Includes a removable dish for wax melts, which makes it easier to clean. 
  • Offers a variety of designs, so you can choose the one that matches your home decor.

4. Versatile ceramic wax melts warmer and air freshener

If you desire something fancy you can go for SALKING wax melt warmer. It is patterned with the cut-out of leaf design, which when lit up will adorn your wall with lights in the shape of leaves.

It uses a light bulb to melt the wax. The gentle glow from the light bulb provides the perfect ambiance to enjoy a cozy evening with your loved ones.


  • The heating speed is designed to save energy. When the wax melts are well heated you can turn it off, the smell lingers even after the wax warmer has been switched off. Thus saving energy.
  • Can be used as a lamp.
  • Includes the feature to warm up essential oils and diffuse their aroma in the room.
  • If you are someone who likes wax melts to release fragrance instantly then you should go for this product.

5. Wax melts warmer with an integrated timer and mess-free silicone container

If like me, you tend to forget to switch the buttons off after using electronic devices, then this product from Cocopin’s candle warmer is a savior. It comes with an integrated timing of 3, 6, or 9 hours. Choose the time that works best for your needs.


  • In-built timer.
  • It is easy to clean. It consists of a silicone wax melt container, you just have to place your wax melts in the container, once they are completely melted, remove the silicone container and push the bottom to dislodge the wax.
  • Personally, this is my favourite, and if your budget allows, you should definitely opt for this one.

6. Best wax melts warmer for gifting purposes

If you’re looking for a more unique and rustic design, go for NAFANG electric wax melt warmer. The fire pit design is eye-catching, making it the perfect addition to any modern home. It is also a good option for gifting purposes. The light makes the bonfire model look like a real fire pit.

BEST features the top wax pan made with Teflon technology, which is more resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The wax pan can be easily lifted for cleaning. The glass panel removes dust and the metal can be wiped down easily.

  • It is designed to use both wax melts and heat-scented oils.

7. Artistic wax melts warmer

If you are fond of art, then you should go for this SYANG HWA wax heater. It is made from stained glass and hand-painted. The soft lighting makes it even more stunning.


  • Easy to use: Simply place your favourite wax melts or essential oil on a glass panel and it will light up your room and release a delightful scent.
  • Compact and portable, it’s perfect for use at home, office, gym, spa, or yoga.

8. Handmade wax melts warmer of glass

This HMLUESR wax melts warmer is fully handmade. It is designed to emit fragrance, as well as provide lighting for homes, offices, bedrooms, baby rooms, living rooms, etc.


  • It is equipped with two 110v energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Made of high-grade handmade glass material.
  • If you encounter any problem during use, it can be easily replaced and in case you no longer want it, they also have no reason return policy.

9. Mason jar wax melts warmer

This wax heater from CANDLE WARMERS ETC has a beautiful Mason jar design, which will add a vintage charm to your home decor. It uses a light bulb to melt the scented wax. Once the bulb wears the other ones need to be purchased separately.


  • It is made with crystal clear glass and a matte black warming dish and handles, which get beautifully highlighted in the glow of the Vintage-style warming bulb.
  • It has a removable dish for easy changing of wax and light bulb. 

10. Candle warmer/ Mug warmer

This BESTINNKITS 19-Watt wax Warmer is suitable to melt candle wax or warm coffee, tea, milk, or hot cocoa.


  • It has a built-in gravity induction switch with an indicator light which means no nest to turn it On/Off manually simply place the candle jar or mug on the plate.
  • It melts the candle jar at a desirable temperature of (131℉/55℃).
  • The heating plate is covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass, which makes it easy to clean in case of spills.

I hope this blog was useful to help you choose the right product that fits your needs. If there is anything related to wax melt warmers that you need more help with, feel free to reach out to us through mail or comments and we will be pleased to assist you. 

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